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Four Signs It May Be Time To Repair or Replace Your Home’s Rooftop

When is it time to replace or repair the roof? What signs are surefire signals that the roof is going to give the home problems if it is not repaired? There are a number of surefire ways to tell if a roof needs to be replaced or repaired, but the homeowner must know what to look for to understand when it’s time to hire a roof repair company.


The roof needs to be inspected from the inside for sagging. The attic is the best place to search; any sagging will be most evident in there. When the roof sags, it droops in and is in danger of falling. A sagging roof can sometimes be noticed from the ground, but if this is the case, then the roof must be replaced right away. Some homeowners will notice a sagging roof while cleaning out the gutters; others will notice something amiss when trying to investigate missing or broken shingles.

Water Damage

Water damage can be found both inside and outside the house. The inside of the house might have dark spots or paths of water running down the walls. There might be damp holes in the attic or evidence of water, such as rotting boards. The outside can show signs of water damage by showing trickle paths down the sides of the house. If the gutters don’t seem to be working, the roof could have a leak, and need repair.

Visible Holes

Some holes are large enough to be visible. If the shingles are coming down or showing obvious signs of damage, a homeowner might find holes upon examining the top of the roof. Most of the time, however, holes are discovered from the inside. If there is visible light coming through the roof, there are obvious holes that need to be repaired. Homeowners often find holes in relation to leaks, falling shingles, or standard gutter repair.


The shingles can be the most obvious piece of evidence that the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. If they are falling off the roof, or if they are showing signs of wear, they must be replaced. Signs of wear in shingles include a green cover which is mold, a grainy appearance, loose or missing shingles. If there is evidence of any of these flaws with the roof shingles, it’s best for the homeowner to call a professional. If one bad shingle is pulled from the roof, the damage could be intensified.

Talking with your local professional will help you determine what steps you need to take to best restore your roof to its best.

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