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Four Tips For Dealing With Septic Tank Problems and Maintenance

Septic problems can literally be a mess. Fortunately there are many ways to maintain a septic tank in order to prevent potential damage. These four ideas should keep your septic tank running well.

Don’t Overload the Tank

Be mindful of when your septic tank is almost full. Having an overloaded septic tank is an accident waiting to happen. As soon as your tank is almost full, have someone come to empty the tank. After you’ve had the tank for a while, you can begin to anticipate when the tank is almost full and prepare to have a maintenance person come out to empty it.

Be Careful About What Enters the Septic Tank

Certain materials can affect the life span of your septic tank. First of all, flushing bulky items like feminine products down the toilet can wreak havoc on your sewage system. Other materials such as paint thinners, harsh chemicals, and other corrosive materials can also cause a lot of damage to your sewage system and may even cause a leak. Instead, dispose of these items in the garbage bin or use another safe disposal method.

Maintain the Tank Regularly

When you get regular maintenance checks on your tank, you can be sure that there are not any red flags or accidents waiting to happen. A regular maintenance schedule also ensures that your tank gets emptied before it becomes dangerously full. Contact your local septic service company to determine how often maintenance needs to be done on your home septic system. For the best results and the easiest maintenance, set up a contract with the company to come out and maintain and empty the tank on a regular basis. It would be wise to work with companies such as Plumb Perfect Ltd. (a Brampton plumbing company) that can consistently take care of issues and maintenance when you might forget about your tank entirely.

Maintain the Drainfield

There are a lot of issues that can occur when your drain field is too blocked. For instance, rainwater can interrupt the absorption and disposal of rainwater materials. You can divert rainwater away from your drain field in order to prevent this problem. Another issue can come when tree roots grow into the system and interrupt or even puncture part of the septic lines. This can cause a real mess, so be sure that there are no large trees growing near your septic system. If you see any other major problems with your drain field, remove them from the area.

Septic systems are expensive to fix, and the damage can be awful. That’s why it’s best to prevent damage and maintain the system regularly to prevent accidents. Use the four guidelines above to help you deal with your septic tank better.

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