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Four Ways Your Law Firm Can Bring Your Community Together

As we head into an era of ever-increasing chaos, with radiation from Fukushima already showing signs of long term damage, with a federal government bent on building personal careers instead of building a better country and forgetting the common ground and only thing we have to live on: earth, and all of the crazy emotions we feel each day toward outside organizations and our most intimate relationships, learning how we can all feel bound together in our local communities will help us as individuals and as communities thrive and rebuild.

If you work in a small law firm or if you are a lawyer who owns a firm, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved in your community and offer valuable services that your profession has to offer. Not only will this make you feel better about yourself and gain the respect of other people, but you will be a part of creating a sense of unity and dissolving the lines of separateness that our human behavior so innately draws. Here are a few you can look into.

Volunteer to Help Small Businesses

Whether they are getting started to be a non-for-profit, an art coop, or a genuine lemonade stand, opening up a time slot in your office hours for local businesses to come in and get some legal advice can really help people working hard to create something from inside their depths and bring diversity into the community. You’ll meet the most interesting people, be exposed to a multiplicity of ideas and desires, and you’ll help promote a local economy that is beneficial from not only an economic standpoint, but also an environmental standpoint (Locally sourced products is better for the environment on many levels like less transportation, more care for local land and animals, and an overall appreciation for where one lives).

Join A Court-Sponsored Volunteer Attorney Program

Due to the increasing number of litigants who cannot afford an attorney and who try to represent themselves in state court rooms, some areas have started volunteer attorney programs. They offer legal advice and help to those litigants who have chosen to represent themselves. By getting involved in this part of the community, you will be exposed to a the economic hardships our society tries so hard to keep from the surface of mainstream culture. The middle and upper class enjoy a routine set of indulgences and simple living. However those who our economic system does not support, like minorities and students, become invisible in the eyes of mainstream culture. We forget that each day someone is struggling to put food on the table and provide opportunities in their life and for their loved ones. Exposing yourself to the needs of others can be beneficial for other people, your publicity, and your inner growth.

Perform Pro Bono Acts When You Think Necessary

If you have a client come who needs some advice or perhaps has been charged with their first criminal offense and he or she is looking for a lawyer who can help them, provide service pro bono when the time feels necessary to you. You could join a pro bono non-profit as well, but I like the idea of practicing pro bono work in the privacy of your own firm and helping those who were not expecting it. Perhaps letting them know that you don’t do this for everyone so you don’t build a reputation as a pro bono lawyer, but you will still have the respect of those you helped in need and produce a profound, postivie impact on the community. Best of all, you’ll be furthering the binding together of a community with each client you help.

Get Involved With A Charity

Perhaps the most obvious choice is getting involved with a charity. Whether you take toy collections around Christmas, join walks-for-cures, or make a yearly contribution to a local charity, these gestures can save lives, brighten smiles, and give hope to people. Find a local charity that is already closely knit in your community and try to promote its work. Host an event to raise awareness and money for the charity you choose or go once a week to offer the charity legal advice. Volunteer any way you can.

If You Start Looking, Opportunities Pop In Your Lap

Once you decide you want to be the change you wish for in the world or that you want to treat people the way you think all people should be treated, and once you realize this calls for an exploration into the depths and crevices of modern society, into places full of situations and circumstances you never even knew existed, the opportunities to help and be rewarded by what you give back will multiply tenfold. You will let go of the worry about your business’ health and be happy with your business’ purpose.

Jeremy Atticus Smith is a writer on behalf of The Mcminn Law Firm in Austin, TX. He loves watching the steps society takes to become more compassionate while reacting to the increasingly chaotic circumstance it has placed itself. 

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