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Fun Gift Ideas Almost Every Teen Can Appreciate

Teens can be pretty hard to read and even harder to understand at times, even if they are your own children. With so many physical and emotional changes occurring in their lives, it is no wonder they are full of emotion and energy. Whether or not you know the teen you are shopping for very well or hardly at all, here are six great gift recommendations that almost every teen will appreciate. 

iTunes Gift Card

If they are not going to take those white ear buds out, try putting something in them by giving the gift of an iTunes gift card. This allows them to purchase their favorite music, TV series, or a movie that they can watch and enjoy with their friends. It also gives them something fun to look forward to during their next overnight road trip for Spring Break or on their next bus ride to an away sporting event.

Gas Card

Everyone knows that filling up the gas tank is the #1 priority of a teen who has just received a set of new wheels or has been newly licensed to drive. Giving the gift of gas is a great gift because it allows them to go anywhere or do anything that they want to with their friends (with their parents’ permission, of course). Teens often don’t realize how expensive even small road trips are. 

Cash or check

When in doubt, give the gift of cash or money through the form of a check. While this is not the most personalized gift, it is a fool-proof gift that will never go out of style. Who does not want some extra spending money? If you want to make the gift a bit more personal, consider adding a kind, hand-written note. In an age where we communicate electronically, a little hand-written note can go a long way to show them that you care.


Tickets to experience an event, whether it be an upcoming basketball game, one of their favorite bands, or a live theatre performance. This is a great idea because they can participate in an experience with a friend, or with you! In my opinion, the best gifts are the ones that create memories by shared experiences because the gift will last for a long time after it has been given. 

Anything Electronic

Staying up-to-date on the latest electronic gadgets and devices is one way to ensure your level of coolness. When the latest version of the iPhone comes out, you will be hard pressed to be caught red-handed with the old version. Getting your teen up-to-date and plugged-in with the latest gear is a gift that they will undoubtedly appreciate. Whether you gift them with a new watch, video game, computer, surround sound speaker system, or the latest version of the coolest Smartphone, they will be happy that you did. 

Clothing And Accessories

Almost every teen has a favorite brand of clothing or a unique sense of style. They may appreciate things like fun socks or shoelaces, unique handbags, matching jewelry and more. Unique buckles and belts are also a great idea. Grip6 offers belts that don’t have holes or a flap, and they are easily interchangeable for different colors and styles. Clothing is important to teens, as it’s one way to show their personality and style, so you can almost never go wrong in the department.

With these ideas, you can get starting on finding the perfect gift for your teen. It’s important to think of something personal that they can appreciate.



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