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Get Organized: 5 Tips for Sorting through Your Family’s Clutter

Household clutter is a very common dilemma that many families contend with on a regular basis. If your clutter is particularly overwhelming, tackling it can leave you at a loss on how to proceed. Below, you will find five tips for sorting through your family’s clutter in an efficient and effective manner.

Pretend You’re Moving

If you’re having trouble deciding on which items to keep and which items to toss, put yourself into a packing-to-move mindset. This will help you cut through sentimental feelings and urges to hoard since the act of moving forces you to purge your possessions to save time, money, and space. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to separate the clutter into their respective piles when you start looking at what you need versus what you think you might want.

Utilize Hidden Spaces

Sorting and organizing your family’s clutter can be an intimidating chore, but clever use of hidden spaces will make it almost cathartic. Consider purchasing plastic tote storage containers that you can slide under your bed. Hang over-the-door organizers inside of closet doors to store items. Utilizing these hidden spaces will keep your clutter out of sight and restore a sense of order.

Make Room Designations

Removing the clutter from the rooms in your home can be made easier by deciding which activities should be taking place in each room. Using a pen and notebook, walk into each room of your home and make notes on which family or personal activities occur in that room. Any items that aren’t associated with those activities should be moved to their respective rooms.

Purge Broken Items

Some people have a natural inclination to hold onto items that are broken. Keeping these items simply because you may need parts from them at some unknown point in the future isn’t worth the added clutter. It’s best to use garbage removal services for large items such as broken sofas and appliances since they will move the items out of your home and drive them to the dump for you.

Sort Clutter for Charity

A great way to cut through your family’s clutter is to put a good cause behind your efforts. There are many charities that take item donations. Do research on the charity of your choice to confirm what items they take and in what condition the items need to be.

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