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Get that Job – Interview Tips

Finally after filling out hundreds of applications and looking through job advertisements, you have an interview. Here are some tips to close the deal.

Get hired during your next interview by following these interview tips.

Learn About the Company
Employers are always happy to hear from an informed candidate. Now that isn’t to say you need to know the entire company’s history including the exact date it was founded. Rather it is better to have a more general understanding of how large they are, who is in charge and how many locations they have.

Think Through the Interview
Do you have a gap in your employment history? Were you given a bad performance review at your last job? These are things that people stress over during an interview. Work with a friend/spouse to come up with reasonable answers to any of these questions. By preparing an answer up front, you are more likely to be less nervous and taken aback when the question arises.

Be Prepared and On Time
Two big no-no’s when going to an interview are showing up unprepared and being late. Quite often either of these missteps will immediately cause you to not get the job.

When preparing for an interview, make sure at the very least you bring any papers in a binder and that you bring a pad of paper with a pen or pencil. Don’t expect they will have anything there for you to take notes with. Also, it is a good idea to jot down questions prior to the interview, so the interviewer can see you put time and effort into this meeting.

Just as important is being on time. Many people think being on time is being there right when the interview starts. For example, for a 4 o’clock interview, that person will be there at 4 o’clock. Don’t do this. Make sure you are there at least 15 minutes early that way if anything comes up like traffic, you have time to spare. Also by being early, if the last interview ended early, you might be able to get in sooner and also help the interviewer speed up their day. Both of these are great ideas.

Nothing says bad interview like being tense and edgy during the entire process. Yes an interview can be nerve wracking. But, if you don’t relax it won’t get any better. While there is a fine line between being confident and cocky, try to be a little confident during the interview. By using some confidence, you will be able to relax more.

Relate to the Company
Quite often interview questions are meant to bring up past situations in a way that helps an interviewer better understand how you are going to deal with conflict. Don’t think that you have to find an incident in your past that is exactly the same. Think out of the box and find a way to tie previous work experiences that you excelled at to match what they are asking.

Also, avoid bringing up work experience that has no bearing with the new company. For example, if you worked at McDonald’s and are now interviewing with an IT company, it isn’t a good idea to talk about hamburgers.

Follow Up
Just as important as the interview was, make sure you follow up. These doesn’t mean calling them everyday to see if they have made a decision. Instead, send them an email or write a thank you note that expresses your thanks for the opportunity. It is simply amazing how many people forget this critical step. Many people have been hired over other candidates simply because they took the time to follow-up. Make sure you are one of those people.


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