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Get the Kids on Board: 5 Parenting Tips for Moving Families

15312075374_2be5749320_oA move to a new house isn’t as easy as it sounds, but the change is hardest on our children. However, you can take steps to make the transition easier on your child. Little things like involving your child in the move and keeping routines turns a dreaded move into a wondrous adventure.

Prepare Your Children

Children need time to adjust to the idea of moving. About a month before your intended move date will give your children enough time to accept the move without coming to dread the changes. Just remember that your approach toward the move will influence their ability to adapt.

Allow the Tears

Don’t discourage an angry or tearful reaction to news of relocation, especially if the move will take your children away from cherished friends. Instead, talk to them and let them express their sorrow, fears and anger. Empathize with them, but don’t let their grief and dread dominate the move. Support them during the lows and encourage the highs.

Let Them Pack Their Toys

Even young children can take part in the moving process—especially with the packing. Although your moving companies like Bekins Van Lines Inc or whichever one you end up choosing are able to pack your things for you, it would be a good idea to let your kids pack up their own toys. You could give them each there own boxes and, even, let them decorated them before putting their favorite belongings inside.

The Importance of Routine

Routine is important for children, but particularly when they are dealing with a big change. The little things like dinner time, movie night and play time helps children adjust when you continue to do them despite changes. Doing so will help them come to realize that, although they’re moving, all they love will remain the same.

A New Home

A home is an accumulation of friends, family and memories. It’s important that your children make the new house their home—and you can help with that more than anything. Sign your children up for local activities, like reading hour at the library, and visit a nearby park. This will help your entire family to establish some roots and to become more comfortable with your new community.

A move doesn’t have to be hard on your children. Preparing them before the move, understanding their grief and helping them bond with the new house eases that transition. In the end, the more you involve your children in every step of the move, the smoother the process will go for them and you.

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