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Get Your Kids in the Kitchen With These 4 Child-Safe Recipes

Cooking with kids can be a challenge, but it’s also a great chance to spend time together and teach kids the importance of making healthy eating choices. Nutrition, even for adults, can often fall to the wayside when it comes to choosing between cheap, quick meals over more costly, time-consuming recipes. Luckily, these four kid-friendly recipes are as safe and simple to do as they are delicious and nutritious.


Make your own deli-style sandwiches at home by investing in a few different types of lunch meat, cheese, fresh veggies, and kaiser rolls. Children can help cut and sort the vegetables into the proper containers, and older kids can toast the bread in the oven or a toaster with some supervision. For sides, you can whip up some healthy coleslaw using low-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

Pizza Party

Kids learn mostly through interaction, which makes this hands-on recipe perfect. Instead of ordering delivery, make your own pizza dough from scratch using this super-simple recipe, then prepare various toppings before letting your children decorate their very own personal-sized pizzas.

Another major perk of this recipe is that it’s easy to customize to your liking. Parents of picky eaters will have the night off from finding the right dish that leaves everyone satisfied and full, and children will love sprinkling cheese and choosing healthy toppings for their pizza.

Making pizza at home also eliminates most of the fat that comes with frozen or restaurant pies. You can even choose to focus on veggies and leave cheese out of the equation for added health.


Few dinners are as easy and reliable as the classic taco. You just need to prepare meat and your favorite toppings. For smaller children, they will enjoy arranging shells on the plate, preparing veggies, and pouring salsa into a bowl. Older kids can further assist with the preparation by stirring and seasoning the meat on the stove with supervision at all times.

Fresh Homemade Bread

The heavenly aroma of baked bread will infuse your home with warmth and comfort. Children can help you measure out ingredients and knead the dough. There’s also a chance to teach kids a thing or two about chemistry as they figure out what makes bread rise. This recipe can get messy with kids involved, but that’s okay. Cover the table before they start kneading so clean-up is easy after.

These child-safe and kid-approved recipes are just the beginning. Have fun experimenting in the kitchen and embracing new chances to bond together over everyday tasks. Teaching kids cooking skills when they’re young can also help foster a love and appreciation for food as well as the ability to feed and care for themself as they grow.

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