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Getting C’s: 3 Things To Consider When Your Child’s Grades Fall

One of the most alarming situations to face parents is when their child brings home a report card with shockingly low grades. It might have felt as if only a couple months ago they had perfect marks and scores. There might be outside sources affecting your child’s grades. It’s important to investigate and prevent them as soon as possible. Here are three possibilities to consider when your child’s grades are falling.

Vision Problems

This cause hits close to home, as I suffered from vision problems very early on in my childhood. Luckily, my third-grade teacher caught on when she saw me frequently squinting. Vision problems can seem harmless at first but can take a turn for the worst if they are left unchecked. They can lead to headaches and your child might not be able to see or understand what their teacher is writing up on the board. Dwindling report card scores are a telltale sign of vision problems. Ask your child or their teacher if they can’t see clearly, have blurry vision, or if they catch themselves squinting a lot. Better grades might be as easy as visiting a vision store like All About Eyes. Be sure to inform the teachers and they may be able to help your child make up their grades.


Bullying has been a major issue in schools across the globe for hundreds of years. Your child might be a victim of bullying, especially if the school has a lenient anti-bullying policy. The signs that your child is being bullied at school include failing grades, low self-esteem, and fear of returning to school the next day. Ask your child is there are others in his class who are making mean comments or hurting them physically. Bullying makes your child grow a disliking for attending school and may have a hard time focusing on their studies if they have anxieties related to bullying. If bullying goes unchecked for long periods of times, they can become detrimental in the long run of your child’s academic career.


Every child is entitled to some time to relax and play games. Video games, friends, social media, and other hobbies might be distracting your child. They might be dedicating too much time to other aspects of their lives and putting off their academic work. This can lead them to put too little importance on their schooling and grades. Limit your child’s play time, how often they hang out with friends, and limit their computer use. Let them know you are concerned with their grades and that having time for fun is okay, but not in excess.

It’s always hard to see your child’s grades fall, but it’s important to be understanding. These are just a few reasons for poor school performance, so before telling them “you’re grounded!” make sure you see if anything might be holding them back.

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