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Getting Kids Active This Spring

With Spring here now it’s time to shake off that lazy winter feeling and get outside to enjoy the warm temperatures and fresh air. Getting kids up off the couch and outside can be a tough this especially with all the technology there is today. As you read more newspapers and magazines talking about inactivity in children leading to the increasing obesity rate, you want to find ways where you can get your kids outside and active to stay in shape.

Find Out What Interests Your Kids

Getting the kids engaged in physical activity is a lot easier when they are actually interested in what they are doing and playing. Gather brochures and literature of local clubs, camps, classes and activities in your area. Set your children down and have them pick out the things they would like to pursue. Your local parks and recreational centers will also post the types of clubs, classes, sports and other activities on their websites so you can gain more information.

Get Ready For Spring Sports

Spring sports are a great way to get your kids active and healthy during the spring and summer. Depending on the age of your child and the available sports league teams in your area, your children can get involved in a variety of sports activities. The three most common spring sports are basketball, soccer and baseball/softball. But don’t leave out other types of sports such as lacrosse, track and field, tennis, golf, fencing, archery, swimming, inline skating and skateboarding.

Some sports may require you to purchase equipment along with paying a registration fee. Find out about the costs before the registration deadline so your children can participate.

Check Out Spring/Summer Camps

Many kids will be packing their bags and heading out to camps where they will be active in outdoor games, make crafts, learn about the environment and participate in community activities. Get your child interested in going out to camp, perhaps one of their friends will be going to camp this year as you can enroll your child into the same one. Camps will definitely get your children outside and away from the video games.

Don’t Forget a Healthy Diet

For kids to have the energy to engage in outdoor sports and clubs, they need to eat a healthy diet. Fruits, vegetables and proteins will strengthen their muscles and bodies to engage in all-day play. Always ensure they drink plenty of water to keep hydrated as they play outdoors under the hot sun and warm temperatures.

Alan Rosinski believe in an active lifestyle and plays on a recreational basketball team for which he gets his basketball uniforms from CiscoAthletic.

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