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Give Clothing a Second Life: 4 Places To Donate Your Used Clothes

It usually happens slowly, and you may be oblivious to it, until one day an avalanche occurs when you open your closet or you can’t stuff one more article of clothing in your dresser drawer. That’s when you’re forced to deal with the overcrowded and chaotic disarray your wardrobe is in. You can no longer ignore the task of clearing out your closets and drawers. Professionals suggest that you sort your clothing, shoes and accessories into three groups: keep, donate and discard. The following list provides you with five possible places to donate the items that are in good condition but are simply no longer your style or size.

Local donation sites

Churches and community support groups are a good place to donate items. They often need clothing for emergency situations such as helping a family whose home was burned or providing clothing for women and children that arrive at their shelter with few possessions. Some organizations, including pet shelters, depend on the sale of items from their thrift store to help support the work they do. Knowing that your donations will help those in your community could provide the motivation you need to get started on a spring cleaning project that will leave you with organized closets and drawers and a wonderful feeling of self-satisfaction.

Look around town

You don’t have to go very far to find somebody in need. Gather up your used clothes and shoes and put them in separate bags according to size and seasonal wear. Keep a few stashed in your car and give them out to those that appear in need around town. Try this out with blankets, coats and other winter gear as the weather gets colder. Delivering supplies right to those most in need takes out the extra middle-man step.

Storage Solution

If cleaning out your closets is a major project, you might find it helpful to rent a small storage unit to store unwanted clothing and shoes in until you have time to donate it. If you’re a serious procrastinator, you could temporarily put articles of clothing that you’re undecided about in the unit until you can make a definite decision about them. Chances are you have family members, friends and co-workers who also need to do some spring cleaning with their wardrobe. Soles4Souls is an organization that accepts shoes. Their site provides information on how families, neighbors, schools civic organizations and other groups can host a shoe collection event and make a large donation of shoes to their organization.

Integrated Family Community Services

It can be a daunting task to go through your house and clean out all the unnecessary items you’ve been hoarding for years. The best spring cleaning tips involve giving those excess items directly to those who need it most. When you donate to our organization, you are helping support low-income families. The easier route may be to simply chuck what you don’t need in the garbage bin, but taking the time to give to those who have so little will have a far greater impact on the betterment of society.

Once you’ve eliminated the clothes in the donation pile and the discard pile, you can organize the remaining items as you put them back in your closet. You can then enjoy the stress-free feeling that comes when you have, as Benjamin Franklin said, “a place for everything, and everything in its place.” An organized closet eliminates the frustration and loss of time that comes when you have to frantically search for matching shoes or a specific article of clothing.


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