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Giving Back to Your Community: 6 Ways You Can Help Make a Difference

Much of America has lost a bit of community spirit. Fenced-in back yards and high crime rates in certain regions have cut down on a sense of community. It does not have to be this way. There are still great ways for people to give back to their communities. Here are a few.

Volunteer as a Coach

Athletics are a great avenue to keep kids out of trouble. Many communities have rec leagues to develop talent and build character. Volunteering to coach one of the teams is a great way to help build up the younger members of society and pass down a sense of community.

Visit a Nursing Home

A large percentage of elderly people will eventually wind up in a nursing home. These people are frequently not near any family members. A visit from someone who cares can really brighten the day of these seniors, many of whom have served their communities as teachers, ministers or members of the armed forces.

Pick up Trash

While Cincinnati trash collection services will pick up the garbage deposited into trash receptacles and dumpsters, it will not pick up the garbage that litters the street. Local people can do their part in Cincinnati and other towns by adopting a highway or just picking up garbage that they find around their home town.

Donate to IFCS

Places like IFCS (Inter-Faith Community Services) provide clothes and household goods to those who do not have the financial means to provide these things for themselves. Most middle-class Americans have closets full of clothes that they do not wear. Why not donate them? A great side benefit to this donation is a tax deduction.

Hold a Fundraiser

Many communities have residents who get injured in accidents or who are diagnosed with debilitating illnesses. The medical bills for these folks can add up quickly. One way to bring a community together is by holding a fundraiser to help with the cost of medical care.

Give to a Food Bank

Most counties throughout the US have citizens who struggle to feed themselves and their families. While some people complain about the proliferation of food stamps, even this supplemental help might not meet the needs of everyone who needs it. Local food banks fill the gap. Giving to a food bank can provide the most basic human need for those in need in the community.

Giving back to a community is good for the giver, and it is also good for the recipient of the gift. The preceding tips are just a few of the ways that ordinary people can work to better their town and country. When people give back, all of society benefits.

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