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Giving to the Next Generation

It’s hard to be a kid today, and the problems kids will face as they grow up and enter the world of adulthood are harder still. For concerned parents and community members, creating a world that is better for the next generation of adults is a challenge not easily addressed. From social responsibility to the rising costs of education, housing and healthcare, helping the next generation begins with action.

Get Involved in Schools

One of the first tools we give children is an education. Teachers possess incredible potential to shape how children grow and mature. Teachers have the ability to nurture creativity and curiosity, to pass their passions onto a new group. Teachers inspire the kind of independent thought and problem solving that lead children to take lessons outside the classroom and apply them in their worlds. By expanding that scope, the people who educate teachers and school leadership are able to enact a more systematic kind of change that shapes how the education system functions.

You also don’t need to be a teacher or administrator to shape how your child’s school (or school district) functions; parents can work as a member of the Parent Teacher Association or run for the school board to see their concerns addressed. If you don’t think your child’s school lunches are providing sufficient nutritional value, the PTA can work with the school to develop healthier meals. They can fundraise for art programs facing budgetary cutbacks.

Social Work

Social workers can be a heroic force for the children falling by the wayside. Children living in violent homes, poverty, social isolation and homelessness can all benefit from a social worker’s presence. They have the ability to directly challenge some of the worst issues children face, and while the work is challenging and can be emotionally draining, it is vitally important. Social workers can be a friend, a power for improvement, or for the worst cases, a savior.


Look to your neighborhood or town for opportunities to give to the community. You can volunteer with programs for young people like United Way or Unicef. If you feel like nothing available addresses your concern, start your own organization to build a community playground or tutor kids. Get your community — kids included — involved. Teach children how everyone benefits from a strong, connected community. It’s an excellent opportunity to inspire a new generation of giving citizens. 

Create Opportunities

Teens with an eye on the future can benefit from internships or jobs. Creating work opportunities can not only help the next generation decide how to plan their future, it can also help with the means to make that happen. Job creators who give teens opportunities help develop their potential workforce, enhance productivity and bring a new, curious perspective into their company. Not only can internships improve the community, they can improve your business.

Run for Office

Some issues facing the younger generation seem nearly insurmountable, and hard to conquer with community action. Rising healthcare costs, tuition costs, diminishing tax protection for the middle and lower classes are real, survivability-impacting risks that require dedicated, complicated work to change. Get the ball rolling! Make a difference at a city-, state- or country-wide level. Inspiring change at the government level can potentially change the lives of millions. Reshape the world the next generation is growing up in. Give them a foundation to  improve it for themselves, and for the generation after.

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