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Grandparents’ Rights: 4 Family Custody Situations that Require Legal Counsel

Custody issues can be immensely distressing to families. They can sometimes even tear them apart. Custody concerns can be problematic for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and the poor children themselves. There are numerous family custody matters that frequently benefit greatly from legal counsel as well.

The Parents Cannot Come to an Agreement

Some parents easily and quickly come to agreements regarding child custody arrangements. That isn’t always the case, though. If both parents want full custody of their kids, that can pose a serious dilemma. Parents that are battling it out over sole custody rights may need to get outside assistance and guidance as soon as possible.

Both of the Parents Are Unfit

There are certain factors that can make parents “unfit” to look after their children. One parent may have a severe drinking problem. One parent may have the tendency to exhibit behavior that’s unpredictable and erratic. If a child custody case involves two unfit parents, all involved parties have to take many different factors into consideration. Children who have two parents who are not fit to look after them often move in with their grandparents.

Schedule a Consultation with a Trusted Family Lawyer

Abductions can also trigger severe family custody crises. If a parent who doesn’t have custody actually kidnaps his or her child from the other, this creates a massive problem. It can lead to all kinds of custody-related headaches as well. Booking an exhaustive consultation with a family lawyer can be a helpful idea. Lawyers who specialize in family matters can offer rock-solid guidance that can help individuals make informed decisions. They know a lot about grandparents’ rights, too.

One Parent Wants to Move Far Away

There are quite a few factors that can interfere with family custody. If one parent wishes to relocate to a brand new city all the way across the nation, that can interfere with the other’s visitation plans. This can be a tricky situation for everyone. Family lawyers can provide insight that can help parents who are in the middle of these situations figure out how to proceed. They have extensive experience helping parents navigate these taxing and often confusing circumstances.

Don’t let family custody dilemmas get in the way of your happiness. A respected family attorney can help you come up with a plan that takes everyone into consideration. The goal is to make everyone happy in the end.

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