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Happy Family: Simple Measures to Ensure Maximum Longevity

In today’s world, people are living longer than ever before. Increased physical activity, anti-aging vitamins and supplements, better diets, and advances in medical care have all added up to the majority of people looking forward to many years as senior citizens. Yet while many people assume it takes much planning and hard work along the way to make it past 100, the truth is there are many simple measures to take that can ensure maximum longevity.

Be a Hard Worker

According to researchers involved in Stanford University’s Longevity Project, people who are productive and hardworking well into their later years live longer on average. While the researchers are not completely sure why, data indicates they are less stressed about life and are happier, healthier, and more socially connected than less productive individuals.

Rhinitis and Nasal Sprays

For those suffering from non-allergic rhinitis, certain types of nasal sprays may provide varying levels of relief. For example, saline nasal sprays can flush irritants from the nose, helping to soothe membranes and thin the mucus. If over-the-counter nasal sprays don’t work, a doctor may prescribe corticosteroid nasal sprays to prevent and treat inflammation. For people whose major complaint from rhinitis is a runny, drippy nose, the best option may be an anti-drip anticholinergic nasal spray. Some sprays, like Dymista, treat seasonal symptoms of rhinitis. Very effective at stopping runny noses, it may cause an occasional nosebleed due to the inside of the nose drying out.

Sit as Little as Possible

While everyone likes to take a break and sit down now and then, doing it to excess can shorten one’s lifespan. According to a study conducted in 2011, for each hour spent sitting after age 25, 22 minutes can be deducted from a person’s lifespan. In response to data such as this, more and more businesses and even schools are doing away with sit-down desks and instead use stand-up desks to encourage people to move around as much as possible.

Think Positive, but be Realistic

While having a positive attitude can make a person happier, having unrealistic expectations can actually create more stress and reduce longevity. If a person fails to consider the possibility of setbacks along the way, they can be much more difficult to deal with when they happen and result in extremely high stress levels.

By keeping these simple measures in mind, more and more people find they not only live longer and healthier lives, but are also much happier and less stressed in all areas of their lives.

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