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Hard to Choose: 3 Things You Definitely Want from Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a legal requirement for drivers in most states, and your car loan lender may also have additional auto coverage requirements. These requirements may serve as a minimum level of coverage for you to purchase, but you may also want optional coverages. Shopping around periodically for lower rates gives you an excellent opportunity to adjust your coverages to meet your current needs. As you shop around, remember to check your quotes for these important features.

An Affordable Deductible

Each time you file a claim against your auto insurance policy, you must pay a deductible. This is essentially your portion of any expenses related to the claim. A common deductible amount is $500, but some drivers select a higher deductible to generate a lower monthly premium payment. When your deductible is too high, it is not affordable to file a claim and to use your coverage for the intended purpose. Review your auto insurance quotes carefully to confirm that the deductible is reasonable.

Rental Car Reimbursement

If you are one of many drivers who relies on a car daily for transportation, you understandably need rental car coverage. Rental cars can have a rather expensive daily rate that can add up substantially over a very short period of time. If your car is in the shop for repairs for a few weeks, this coverage benefit could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Remember to select rental car reimbursement for the size or style of vehicle that you currently drive.

Roadside Assistance

Unless you receive roadside assistance through your automotive manufacturer, roadside assistance can be a wonderful benefit to have. With this type of coverage, you may receive free towing to the nearest repair center. You may also receive a free battery jump, tire change or other service that could be completed on the side of the road. This may be 24-hour assistance in any location in the country.

These are all aspects of your car insurance policy that you have control over. When you are comparing quotes from companies like Boone Ritter insurance, ensure that all of your quotes address the features you want and that the company is easy to work with. When your provider offers an affordable deductible, will help you if you’re stranded, or give you a hand after an accident, driving feels a lot safer. However, if you are trying to keep your premium as affordable as possible simply to comply with the legal requirement for coverage, these features may not be ideal for your needs.

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