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Hate the DMV? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Avoid It

No one likes the DMV. It is a very crowded place where you are asked to wait a long time, and no one has time for that. The following are four ways you can skip or at least diminish the time you need to spend there.

Choose Your Time

One thing you can do to avoid the headaches associated with the DMV is go when the office is not so crowded. You can visit the site of the office you are considering and check to see if they have posted anything about rush hours, which you need to avoid. Normally, the best times to visit the DMV are between 8 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 4 PM. You should also try to go to the office on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Check Other Offices

You do not have to visit the DMV office that is closest to you to take care of your business. This is especially important for those who live in a very populated area. What you want to do is go to a DMV in a town or city with less people because you will likely see shorter wait times there. You can call the office you are considering ahead of time, or check their website to see if they have any rush hours to worry about.

Taking the Online Route

Perhaps the best thing you can do to avoid the DMV is see if you need to come in. Several DMV offices, especially the updated ones, have begun to give drivers the opportunity to do several things online through sites such as eTags and similar companies. Now, you are going to have to make sure the service you need is offered before trying this, but this is definitely a good way to avoid the DMV. You can call the office directly if you cannot find information about some of these online services.

Hire a Wait-er

Those who actually need to show up to the DMV may want to consider checking out the gig economy options near you. There are a number of different apps that offer people the opportunity to hire an independent contractor to do menial jobs, like waiting in line at the DMV. This may sound a little strange, but people are skipping lines and headaches by simply paying a little fee.

The DMV trip does not have to be such a pain using some of these tricks. No one is saying that you will always be able to wiggle yourself out of going to the DMV, but at least these tips may help. Hopefully, more tasks get automated soon time so everything can be done online.

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