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Have a Sporty Kid? 5 Cities that Have the Most to Offer for Athletic Youth

There are few things more beneficial to young kids than getting enough exercise. Playing outside, involving them in organized sports, and having a good time are key aspects of healthy development of youngsters. Not every city is equipped to offer an athletic child the best opportunity for such development though. The best host cities have a few key ingredients in common to nurture such budding athletes.

San Diego, California

One of the most important factors in locating an ideal city for an athletic youth is opportunity to use the environment. Many cities across the United States are fantastic—six months out of the year. It is hard to locate cities that function year-round. San Diego is one that stands above the rest. There is a reason this is called “America’s Finest City.” There may be other cities that have better facilities, but no other place can match the opportunity San Diego supplies to use the outdoors, from soccer to surfing, every month of the year.

Portland, Oregon

The weather isn’t as good, especially during the rainy seasons, but Portland is one of those cities obsessed with the outdoors. People of all ages bike, run, and have fun outdoors. The city has close to 200 miles of bike lanes alone. There are endless parks, greens, and gardens. Youth activities flourish here because the city promotes outdoor activities for all. It is one of the reasons Portland is graded as one of the healthiest cities in America.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles seems to check every box. It has weather covered for sure. It is an outdoor-centric city as well as there are so many leagues, programs, and opportunities in this sprawling metropolitan area. Los Angeles is a legendary youth basketball town. It also offers year-round soccer complexes, as well as great water sports.

Austin, Texas

This city offers great weather most of the year and that healthy ranking we love. It also has many athletic landmarks that cannot be found elsewhere. The Austin metropolitan area houses fishing, mountain climbing, full-size cricket fields, and all kinds of “other” sports to draw kids’ interest. It doesn’t always have to be about youth soccer and basketball. There are many more activities to satisfy the sports nut.

Houston, Texas

Anyone who knows anything about gymnastics knows that Houston is the place for young gymnasts with Olympic Dreams. After all, that is where Olympian Simone Biles began her professional career. With her as an inspiration as well as a handful of expert coaches, this is the place to be for those serious about competing. With such opportunities at stake, those with gymnast children might want to consider moving to the Houston area.

Every major city offers children clubs to join to get exercise, but it takes more than that to really supply a full picture of what it takes to satisfy athletic kids and their families. If you’re looking more for your sporty child, consider the five cities listed above.

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