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Have Traveling Kids? 4 Necessities You’ll Be Glad They Have

Children pose a unique challenge to peaceful and successful traveling. Even the most well-traveled of kids require special care and attention that as a parent you must provide even before the journey begins. You can prepare for your next domestic or international trip by remembering to bring along these four necessities to keep your child quiet, safe, and happy during the getaway.

Health And Hygiene Supplies

Whether your child is robust and healthy or someone who has a delicate digestive or immune system, you need to take every precaution to keep your son or daughter healthy and well away from home. You should pack health and hygiene essentials like pediatric pain relievers, diarrhea medicine, adhesive bandages, alcohol wipes, baby wipes, and diaper rash cream to just name a few.

If your child takes prescription medicines for conditions like asthma or allergies, you also need to have the scripts filled well before your departure date. You may need to bring verification of the dosage and the reason for why your child needs the medicines if you are traveling internationally and want to get through customs without any problems.

Extra Clothing And Suitable Footwear

You may pack one or two outfits per day for yourself. However, when you pack for your child, you should think about how quickly clothing can get stained, ripped, or otherwise damaged and need to be changed out for fresh apparel.

When you do not want to be bothered with doing laundry at a hotel or having your child wear dirty clothing in public on the trip, you should pack two to three outfits per day for your son or daughter. If your child is an infant, you may need to pack four to five sets of clothing for each day you will be away from home.

Your child’s suitcase may be the fullest because of all of the extra apparel. However, you will have enough clothing on hand to deal with spills, stains, spit-up, toilet accidents, rips and tears, and other clothing disasters.

Likewise, you should pack sensible footwear for your child. Even if you are traveling to someplace warm and sunny, you still need to bring along sandals or light tennis shoes for your child. You do not want your child to step on something sharp and get hurt. You also want your child to have the option to walk so you don’t have to carry them everywhere.


It should go without saying that your child is going to want to bring along one or two favorite toys during the journey. The toys not only can provide a welcome distraction. They can also be a source of comfort for your son or daughter. You should bring along toys that you can easily pack rather than bulky and heavy toys that take up a lot of room in the car.

Durable And Roomy Luggage

As mentioned, you may need to pack way more than you expect just for your child alone. When you try to stuff everything into a small suitcase or duffle bag, you may quickly realize you do not have enough room for everything you need or want to take.

You should upgrade to a roomy and durable travel bag set. You will have plenty of pockets to store small items like a passport or bottles of baby medicine and likewise have ample room inside to fold and pack clothing, store shoes, and stash a few favorite toys to take along during the trip.

Traveling with children can be a breeze as long as you prepare in advance. You can make your next trip easy for you and your child by remembering these four kid travel essentials. Traveling with your children is important because it creates wonderful memories, and these tips will help you as you do that.

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