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Having a Lot of Family over for the Holidays? 5 Tips for Less Stress

As much as everyone would love for a holiday visit from family to be as perfect as it’s portrayed in movies and television programs, that’s not always how it goes. The family members who will be arriving at your home have likely dealt with the stress of preparing for the trip and travel related stress before they arrive at your door. If you’re the one hosting family for the holidays, you’ll going to feel a certain amount of stress as you prepare for additional people to share your home. The following tips can help ease your stress and make the holidays more pleasant for you and your holiday guest.

Put Away Treasures

If you have items displayed on a bookcase or tabletop that are expensive treasures or items with irreplaceable sentimental value, pack them up before guests arrive. The issue here isn’t a concern over theft, but to protect the items from damage. You can always use Christmas decorations to fill the space where the items were displayed.

Do a Maintenance Check

Before guests arrive at your home, you should check to make sure faucets and drains are working properly. If you have appliances that work only because you know the “trick” to making them work, this would be a good time to replace them. It might be time to buy a new washing machine at a company like Affordable Appliance Repair if you have an old, temperamental machine that you have to pamper to get it to work. You’ll be cooking more with guests in your home so it’s important that the all the burners on your stove work. Use the time prior to your arrival to take care of some of the maintenance issues you’ve been neglecting.

Prepare the Guest Room

You can ease stress for yourself and guest by having a well-prepared guest room. Be sure there’s plenty of towels and bath accessories in the bathroom, reading materials, toys for kids, and some thoughtful specialty items in the guest room.

Protect Your Pets

You know how much change in routine your pets can handle. Be sure that they have a safe zone they can go to or be confined to so that they don’t become overly stressed with the changes in the home. It’s best to ask that your guest refrain from feeding the pets because a lot of holiday food can be harmful to pets.

Outdoor Time

To avoid the frustration that can occur when too many people are cooped up inside, plan some outdoor activities. This good be taking the dogs for a walk, going to a local park or visiting local attractions. Plan some outdoor activities for the kids so that they can burn off some energy.

With a little pre-planning you can alleviate some of the possible stressful situations that could make sharing your home with guest uncomfortable. Stay alert to the comfort level of your family, pets and guest and take steps to avoid conflict or uneasiness before it escalates.

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