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Healthy Food Ideas for Your Kids’ School Lunches

It can be easy to feel limited with the lunches that you make for your children due to a lack of variety and picky eaters. Instead of resorting to junk food that you send them off to school with, there are several healthy food ideas available that they’ll enjoy. To enhance the nutrition that they receive and give them something to eat that tastes good, there are a few recipes to include in their lunch box.


Use a whole wheat tortilla with Monterey Jack cheese and veggies to dish up a nutritional item that replaces a sandwich. You can sneak in a few bell peppers, black beans, and chicken to make it more nutritious. Pair it with guacamole that your kid can dip it into for a healthy lunch item that is mess-free and delicious.


Popcorn is a light and healthy snack to include in your kid’s lunch and doesn’t create a large mess. Your kids will enjoy the salty taste of the snack, which can be topped with different flavors to ensure that they don’t tire of the food. Make the popcorn into a healthy dessert by adding a bit of sugar on top to make kettle corn.

Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread pizza is extremely versatile because it’s an easy item to pack in lunch boxes for kids to take on the go. It will become a favorite for kids of all ages. It has a high nutritional value and is a healthier version of pizza. Some companies, like Klosterman Baking Company, know well-suited flatbread can be for pizzas. Top it with tomato pepperoni, broccoli, bell peppers, or Canadian bacon and pineapple for plenty of flavor that can be added.


Yogurt is known to contain probiotics and will boost the immune system of your little one. Opt for choosing a fruity flavor that they can indulge in, which includes strawberry, blueberry, or banana. You can even add extra texture to the food with crushed nuts or coconut shavings mixed in. Your children can eat it from a pouch or with a spoon for a healthy snack that will strengthen their bones with the calcium that it contains.

Most kids don’t even healthy foods and would prefer to snack on candy or chips when eating lunch each day at school. Fortunately, there are several different foods to pack in their lunch for items that are flavorful and will allow your kids to thrive as they develop.

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