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Helpful Home Improvement Projects Your Kids Can Do Themselves

Creating a beautiful, inviting home environment can be a family affair. When you involve your children in your home improvement efforts, you may bond and come together as a family. You can also teach them new skills in the process and help them to develop a can-do attitude. The home improvement projects that your children may complete on their own or with minor assistance from you may vary based on their age and abilities, but these are some thoughtful ideas for home improvement projects that your kids may be able to complete.

Creating Window Treatments

Window treatments are essential to finalize the décor in your rooms. They also can control sunlight, promote privacy and even impact the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Depending on the age of your children, they may be able to sew drapes on their own using drapery fabric and notions, or they may assist you as you operate the sewing machine. Older children may even be able to hang the new drapes on their own if they can safely stand on a ladder.

Painting Old Furniture or Décor

Many children love to paint, and they may be thrilled to paint various furnishings, picture frames and other items around the house. If you need to update your kitchen, they may even paint drawers and cabinet doors that you have removed while you paint the cabinetry frame. Some pieces may need to be sanded or primed beforehand, and you may need to assist with this. Adding a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into old pieces, and it can also protect wood from damage.

Fixing Cabinets and Pulls

The screws on cabinet door hinges can loosen over time. When this happens, the cabinet doors may be askew and fail to close properly. Tightening these screws is a simple project that children may easily be able to handle. Likewise, the screws that hold knobs and pulls in place may loosen. This includes knobs and pulls for all doors in the home as well as on furnishings. Your children may walk around the house checking each door, knob and pull to identify areas that need their attention.

While many home improvement projects should only be completed by adults, you can see that children may participate in some projects as well. Always assess your children’s skills and abilities. Ensure that they know how to complete a project safely and have proper safety gear before they get started.

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