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Helping A Loved One: The Four Signs Of Addiction To Look Out For

Individuals with addictions to substances such as alcohol or drugs need help from loved ones to seek treatment. Friends and family members should have an awareness of symptoms of substance abuse in order to offer help quickly. In the past, there was a stigma attached to seeking treatment for addiction to prescription medications or illegal drugs. However, it is now acceptable to discuss the symptoms and treatment options for various forms of additions.

Missing Work

Many individuals with drug addiction begin to display signs such as missing work or school because they have a hangover. In addition to absenteeism, individuals with addiction issues are frequently late to meetings or classes because they lose track of time. You may notice that a student’s grades are getting worse because they are not studying or completing assignments. An addicted individual’s motor skills are altered by alcohol and drugs leading to more injuries at work.

Financial Difficulties

An additional sign of drug or alcohol addiction is having constant financial problems such as unpaid bills for necessities. You may notice a friend or family member is using credit cards to pay for everyday items such as food. Drug and alcohol addiction is an expensive habit that often leads to individuals borrowing money at high interest rates making it impossible to pay back.

Personal Neglect

You may see that a loved one is not taking care of their personal appearance because of an addiction. Addicts often neglect to brush their teeth, bathe or wear clean clothing. The neglect can also include not keeping a home clean by taking out the trash, vacuuming or washing dishes. Children living in the home also may not receive proper care.

Violent Behavior

Individuals with addictions are more likely to have mood disorders including anger that leads to violent behavior. Erratic behavior frequently occurs due to chemicals changing reactions in the emotional part of the brain. An individual may resort to stealing or acting out sexually to get access to an addictive substance. Illegal actions by addicts are quite common leading to incarceration by law officials.

Professional Rehabilitation

This is when loved ones must contact The Phoenix Recovery Center the alcohol treatment centers in Utah for assistance. Professional rehabilitation with knowledgeable staff at an affordable treatment facility is the best plan to help your friend or family member. In many cases, a treatment facility will offer individual or group therapy to families and friends as part of the recovery process.

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