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Hipster Parents: How to Make Sure Your Kids Look Stylish and Fashionable

It is a well-established, common opinion that kids are cute when they come out of the womb, and then they keep that kiddish cuteness all the way up until around the time they hit puberty. A significant factor that may increase a child’s level of cuteness is often the way that they dress. With that said, children may find choosing their own wardrobe to be a difficult task—up until a certain age, at least. It is at this point that many parents rightfully decide to establish their child’s style themselves. But how do you make sure your kids look stylish and fashionable when you’re choosing their wardrobe, and what about when you let them pick their own? Luckily for you fashionably concerned parents, there are a couple of easy tips and tricks that can turn you into your kid’s style hero.

Start with the Basics

Just like with any person’s wardrobe, basic staple pieces are essential. The best part about the more simple articles of clothing is that they can basically be paired with anything! A perfect and widely recognized example of this is the little black dress, which can be dressed up or down and all around for any occasion with accessories or additional articles of clothing. Good examples of some basics to fill a kid’s wardrobe include white t-shirts, everyday denim (jeans or jackets), solid color polos or button-downs, and other solid colored items.

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Now that you know about the importance of the basics, you can upgrade your styling skills to the next levels. Great accessories can turn any outfit from simple to extraordinary. The great thing about accessories is that there is no such thing as “too much.” The extent to which you can accessorize your child’s outfit is entirely subjective, so use your own discretion and have fun with it!

For example, a stylish hat or pair of vibrant shoes can make a simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt look like a million dollars. Another essential accessory is a good belt. Children may not be especially apt at handling traditional belts, though, so holeless belts might be a good option. Instead of the tacky ratchet belt that looks like a seat belt, however, you could go with a Grip6 belt that still has all the benefits of a holeless belt and comes in fun colors and styles, as well.

Recycle Old Clothes for Extended Use

If you’re looking to save money, recycling old clothes is a great way to make the most out of your dollar. Not only will your clothes last longer, you also won’t have to buy as much when your kids eventually grow out of them! There are plenty of great tricks to extending the life of your child’s wardrobe. Some of them do require some sewing knowledge, but a lot of them can be done with scissors or even nothing at all!

For example, when jeans get too short around the ankles but still fit around the waist, you can cut them to make a pair of stylish jean shorts. If old jeans or jean shorts get too tight around the legs, they could be turned into a jean skirt by cutting along the inside seam of the legs and sewing a piece of fabric on each side—front and back—to connect them. Old dresses could also be turned into shirts when they get too short, and long sleeve shirts can be turned into tank tops by cutting off the sleeves if your child’s arms outgrow them.

In the end, your kid is probably going to look adorable regardless of what can be found inside their wardrobe. After all, they are your kid! However, it wouldn’t hurt to add a little flair to their closet. If you just implement a couple of key strategies, your kid will always look stylish and fashionable. Of course, there may come the point where you might want to start letting your kid decide what clothes they want to wear by themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t put in a right word of advice here and there, though!

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