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Home Destroyers: Pests that Can Undermine Your Family in No Time

Pest infestations are a common nuisance that can easily be remedied with the proper treatments. Along with treatment from a pest control company, you can take steps to eliminate the infestation and reduce the risk of damaged property.


Termites are often difficult to detect during early stages of the infestation. Termites usually build their nests outdoors and eat wood that is hidden under the home or inside the walls. By the time the insects are indoors, thousands of dollars of damage may have occurred. Early detection is possible with annual or bi-annual inspections of the home and surrounding property. Homeowners can also inspect the foundation of the home regularly for signs of termites. Signs to look for include sawdust-like waste around exposed wood, especially in joined areas like the area where the porch meets the home, holes in wood, and weak or obviously damaged wood.

Mice and Other Rodents

Mice and other rodents, such as squirrels, can hide in attics, basements and other out-of-the-way places in your home. Rodents can damage walls, electrical wiring and damage personal possessions, especially stored clothing or papers, by chewing through the materials or using the materials to build their nest. A rodent infestation is typically identified when someone in the home sees the pest, but early identification is possible. Examine the baseboard for holes frequently, and clean and inspect unused areas of the home on a regular basis for signs of rodent activity. If rodent activity is present, consult a pest control company for assistance. The most effective pest control solutions include professional services combined with preventative measures, such as frequent cleaning of infested areas, by the homeowner.  Some infestations require experts, like pest control Temecula, Bull’s Eye.  Having your home looked at by those that know what they’re doing is always a good idea.

Cockroaches and Kitchen Pests

Cockroaches can easily enter the home in even the most innocent items, including cardboard boxes and antique furnishings. Once a single cockroach enters the home, it can quickly multiply in hidden areas, leading to an infestation that affects the entire household. Cockroaches, and other small insects, can easily hide in pantries, inside walls and in other hidden areas of the home. One of the simplest ways to reduce the risk of an infestation is to eliminate water sources in the home and on the property. For instance, drying out the sink with a towel helps prevent cockroach infestations. If an infestation is noticed, the best course of action is contact a pest control company.

Taking active steps to eliminate pests is the best course of action if insects or rodents are found in the home. With the proper treatments, pest infestations can be eliminated quickly.

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