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Home Security: How to Make Sure Your Family is Safe and Sound

Although you work for what you have, there are thieves out there who would gladly take it from you. Keeping your home and property secure is an ongoing challenge. Use these four tips to help keep your family safe and sound at all times.

Shut and Lock the Doors and Windows

Something as simple as shutting and locking the doors and windows of your home can make a big impact on your family’s safety. An open first-story windows is like an invitation to a burglar. Leaving the garage door open in the front yard while you are in the backyard or inside of the house invites thieves to come and snatch your tools, bicycles, or even your car.

Install Infrared Cameras on Your Home

Install infrared cameras on your home. These cameras detect differences in temperature. They will show you the heat signature of a human body or the figure of an animal such as a coyote that could attack your family pet. Infrared cameras, like those available from Infrared Cameras Inc., can be set up with your Wi-Fi and transmit their images to the monitor of your choice. They can also be tied into your home’s security alarm system.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

If you have pricey tools, costly bicycles, or valuable sporting goods, keep them out of sight. Teach kids not to leave their bikes in the driveway or yard. Put your lawnmower and tools away after using them. Keep the garage door shut when you are working on projects. Close the window shades or curtains so that people cannot look inside and see what you have.

Arrange for Supplemental Security Patrols

If you plan to travel away from home during the holidays or for a vacation, arrange for a supplemental security patrol. Supplemental security patrols could be done by your neighborhood civic association’s private security guard or by the local police department. If these services are not available to you, speak with a trusted neighbor or two. Tell the neighbor about the dates you will be away, give him or her your contact information, and ask the neighbor to keep an eye on your property while you’re gone.

In addition to following these tips, always be aware of what is around you. If you see something unusual in the neighborhood, such as someone leaving your neighbor’s backyard and the person has no reason to be there, be vigilant. Say something to the police non-emergency or give your neighbors a call to keep everyone safer.

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