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Homework Help: 3 Mistakes Parents Make

As parents, we always want to do everything we can to help our children succeed. However, in some cases, a parent’s assistance may hider more than help. This is certainly the case in regards to providing children with homework help. It’s important to know the common mistakes parents make when trying to help their children with schoolwork. Here are three mistakes you should be sure to avoid.

homework-help-3-mistakes-parents-make1. Completing the Homework for Them

The biggest faux pas parents make when trying to help their children with homework is taking over and completing the homework for them. There are some huge dangers inherent in this practice. First of all, it is supposed to be the child that is learning and gaining problem solving skills, not the parent. While you may think giving your child the solutions to problems is the same as learning, it’s actually a whole lot closer to cheating. That is certainly not something you want to teach your children. Instead, you should try to assist them in learning how to solve problems on their own.

2. Ignoring Hands on Learning

According to Miniapple International Montessori School, one of the most powerful teaching tools for young children is hands on learning. As a parent, the possibility of using hands on learning to help your children complete their homework is certainly a great possibility you shouldn’t ignore. For example, if your child must complete a history report, you could take him or her to a museum to perform research. Seeing historical artifacts firsthand can certainly be a far more engaging learning experience than simply acquiring knowledge from books and internet encyclopedia articles.

3. Becoming a Crutch

Overall, the goal of any homework help a parent provides to a child should be helping the child learn how to complete it on their own. After a certain point, you are going to need to cut your child off from your assistance. While it is certainly a good idea to occasionally provide help to your children in regards to schoolwork, doing so too often can become a problem. They may not be able to solve the same kind of problems in class without your help. Instead, you must keep in mind that you should be trying to help your child build confidence about his or her academic proficiency.

Overall, while it’s great that parents want to help, they should be careful in how they do so when it concerns school work. Try to provide your children with some help when they need it but be sure you are actually helping them learn as opposed to supplying a shortcut.


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