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Household Clogs: Five Problem Areas And How To Fix Them

Drains all over your home are just waiting to clog, and plumbing companies in Toronto can sometimes be somewhat expensive if you’re living on a budget. Luckily you can save yourself a lot of money with some easy preventative care and repair. Use the tips below to help avoid problems throughout your home.


Hair and soap scum can build up over time, eventually causing a clog. A drain screen will help catch debris before it enters your plumbing. If your pipes are already clogged or draining slowly, pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain. The bubbling action will loosen any stuck debris and allow water to flow freely.

Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink is another hot spot for clogs. Because they can damage pipes, you should avoid using chemical cleaners whenever possible. Instead, remove the sink’s drain stopper and clear away debris that has built up around it. After you’ve done that, flush the drain with hot water.


Clogged toilets are the source of untold embarrassment and extreme frustration. A good plunger is generally considered the first line of defense, but there are other options available. You could try squirting a little dish soap into the bowl. Flushing with almost boiling water can also work wonders at removing stubborn clogs. If soap, hot water, or plunging don’t work, go to your local hardware store and purchase a drain snake. To prevent future problems, try using a different kind of toilet paper or flushing more often.

Kitchen Sink

During the process of cooking, cleaning, and going through your daily life, an untold amount of trash and other objects can make their way down your kitchen sink. Drain screens and cleaning plates into the trash will go a long way to prevent clogs. If you already have a blockage, try using a plunger (the one from your bathroom will work just fine) to dislodge the debris.

Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal does not give you free rein to put anything down your kitchen sink; a number of materials and foods can easily create malfunction, damage the blades, or cause a clog. Sometimes running hot water or grinding up ice cubes is enough to remove built up slime. For more serious clogs, you may need to remove the waste trap and flush it manually.

If after trying the tips and tricks you still have a problem, try calling a professional. It’s possible that a larger issue is present and you’ll need someone like Brothers Plumbing to fix it for you.

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