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How Can I Make Moving Easier on My Family?

Moving is a rough transition for many families. Adults need to acclimate to a new job, and children need to transition to a new school. Everyone has to leave behind friends, a known environment, and everything else that feels familiar. When you’re planning a move, you want to make the transition as smooth as possible for your family. While moving isn’t always easy, there are a few things that you can do to make everyone feel better.

Give Plenty of Notice

One of the first steps to planning for a move is to let everyone in the family know early on that it’s happening. Tell your children, particularly older children, as much in advance as possible that you’ll be moving. This will give them time to say goodbye to friends and to exchange contact information. It also gives them a chance to acclimate to the idea of moving. You’ll all be leaving behind friends and the house that you’ve built memories in. If this is the first time that your children have experienced moving, they’ll need time to process the change so that they feel more secure.
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Talk Candidly About the Move

Along with giving children plenty of notice so that they have time to adjust, you should also talk to them openly about how you’re feeling, and you should give them plenty of opportunities to express to you how they’re feeling. You should talk candidly with your children regarding the move. It is also helpful to acknowledge the difficulties involved in moving, such as changing schools, making new friends, and finding new activities. While it won’t solve everything, validating their feelings can be very impactful. When you listen to and validate their feelings, the adjustment will be easier, and they’ll feel secure more quickly.

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Make Memories in the New Place

When a family leaves behind the home and area that they’ve grown accustomed to, everyone needs to do things that make each person feel good about the new place. When you first move in, there’s a lot of unpacking that you need to do. But after your family begins settling in, go out and explore the area. Find the local attractions, and make sure that you spend some family time in your new home, too. Take time to get to know your new neighborhood.
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Moving can be stressful for everyone, and that includes children. But if you take some time to figure out what will make people feel more secure, the transition will be easier, and your new house will feel like home sooner.

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