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How Car Crashes with Pedestrians Can Impact Your Family Life Forever

A pedestrian can be any person who is walking, bicycling, skateboarding or moving about on sidewalks and streets, while not inside a vehicle. While it is essential for a pedestrian to watch out for moving cars, when they are near or crossing in front of traffic, it turns out that many drivers will not give pedestrians the same courtesy. As a result, this leads to a huge number of pedestrians getting hurt at the hands of drivers who imagine that it is the pedestrian’s job to watch out for the driver, not the driver’s responsibility to watch out for pedestrians. This negligent attitude often ends up creating huge problems for pedestrians and driver’s alike—especially problems that impact a person’s family life forever. Here are a few reasons why.

Guilty Drivers Can Land in Jail

Pedestrians that die in car crash fatalities make up 14-percent of these fatalities. Out of all these pedestrian fatalities, 19-percent of these deaths are the result of hit and run drivers. When it is a driver’s fault for hitting a pedestrian, a pedestrian who is killed in the accident, this can sometimes land a driver in jail without the possibility of being released. Such a judgment will inevitably impact a family where the driver is one of the key wage earners. If this individual is never able to get out of jail, this means the family will permanently lose out on all the earning potential the driver formerly provided to their family.

When Emotional Guilt Destroys a Family

Even if a driver is not locked up for a car accident that results in a pedestrian fatality, this does not mean that there will be no subsequent feelings of emotional guilt. In fact, some individuals find that it is difficult to live with the guilt of killing another person. They can become withdrawn from their family, and this may even cause complications that lead to divorce or other issues that permanently impact their family life.

The Impact to the Victim’s Family

Even after working with a pedestrian accident attorney, a victim’s situation can impact their family in permanent ways. Some victims will die in a car accident and leave loved ones with a permanent void in the family and endless grief. Other victims may be permanently disabled. This can force a family to be stuck caring for the injured pedestrian’s medical and living needs from that point forward—especially in the case where the victim is left with a serious brain injury. This is why it is especially important to make sure your family has a lawyer on their side to make sure they get the proper compensation they deserve to help them through these difficult times.

Harm to pedestrians can permanently impact the families of both the driver and the pedestrian they hit with their car. From endless guilt to permanent disabilities and fatal outcomes, there is often nothing that can be done to fix the damage that has been done after the fact. When a driver’s and pedestrian’s lives have been altered by an accident forever, it is sometimes their families who end up being affected the most from the aftermath.

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