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How Complicated is the Process of Adoption for Families?

The adoption process involves a lot of steps that need to be completed before you can be paired with a child. The emotional toll is something that can be prohibitive for many families. Here are some of the steps that you’ll need to take in order to begin the adoption process.

Determining Age

The first place to start once you’ve decided that adoption is the right choice for your family is to determine the age of the child that you want to consider. It can be more difficult to adopt a baby because there are lots of other families that also want babies. You could be on the waiting list for years if you want an infant. A slightly older child may be easier for you to adopt because they tend to be a little harder to place.

Select a Resource

There are lots of resources available when you decide to adopt. Finding an adoption agency is generally the first place to start for most families. They can get the ball rolling when it comes to getting your qualified to be adoptive parents. Another place that you might consider is with your local foster care agency. In rare instances, you may be able to adopt a child that’s been in the foster care system because no other family member has come forward.

Home Study Process

The home study process starts with a series of background checks. These generally include criminal, financial, and medical checks to ensure that you’re capable of caring for a child. The second part of the process is to conduct an interview with your family and determine the suitability of your home environment. You may be asked to provide references so that the social worker can determine your suitability for the placement of a child.

Create Your Profile

Once you’ve passed all of these steps, you’ll be asked to create a profile. This is so that perspective birth parents can get to know you. The large majority of adoptions are now open adoptions. This means that the birth parents can still have involvement in the life of their child. Your profile will supply them with the necessary facts so that they can determine if your family would be a good fit for their child.

Waiting is the hardest part of the adoption process. Working with the right agency will help to make the process as uncomplicated as possible and allow you to focus on integrating the new addition to your family.

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