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How Homeschoolers Can Create a Stellar College Application

For homeschooled students, the college application process can be a little different than a student going to a traditional high school. This is because homeschooled students cannot submit an ordinary transcript of their grades. Additionally, homeschooled students also cannot submit a recommendation letter.

Although most colleges require the same criteria from both students, you must be very diligent in preparing your college applications. Here is a short checklist of what you can do to complete your college application if you are homeschooled.

Keep Track of Your Records

Colleges can be strict about making sure you’ve met their specific requirements, so it’s important that you keep track of your records and have them properly filed. You should also familiarize yourself with your school records in case a college advisor asks you about your education, in addition to having them on hand during your interview.

The Admission Process

Before applying, you should determine what your college asks for admissions. Normally, institutions only require an application fee, but some schools ask for an essay or video submission as well. Nevertheless, you should try getting creative and sell yourself to the college you want to attend. It’s crucial that they’re convinced that having you attend their school will benefit both of you.

Be sure to also include achievements you’ve won or community service you’ve completed around your town. Additionally, you should also mention any organizations you are a part of. Even though you are homeschooled, it doesn’t mean you have nothing to offer.

Keep up on Deadlines

Getting behind on deadlines is the last thing you need. For example, find out when your SAT is, figure out your financial aid in advance, and submit your application on time. Doing even one thing late in preparation for college can cost you your entire application.

Explain Any Extracurricular Activities You’ve Been a Part Of

Colleges love seeing a commitment to extracurricular activities from homeschooled students or those who have enrolled in K-12 online schools. Fortunately, since homeschooled students generally have a more flexible schedule, it’s easier to go after activities in the community.

However, no matter what kind of activities you become a part of, you should explain what you’ve done throughout high school to your interviewer. You should also mention it in your application to grab the attention of whoever is reading them over.

We suggest doing a little bit of research seeing which activities are more valued than others. After all, a long list of extracurricular activities is not generally impressive, it’s what you do and what you take away from it that matters the most.

The College Essay

The essay portion of the application is your chance to show off your unique personality and experience as a homeschooled student. Use this opportunity to discuss how homeschooling shaped your education and your approach to learning.

You should also explain how your skills and characteristics will help you to contribute to the culture of the college. The university wants to see that you have made the most of your homeschool education and that you will make a great addition to their school.

Obtaining Letters of Recommendation

The majority of colleges ask students to submit letters of recommendation with their application. Typically, these letters would be written by teachers but, for homeschool students, the criterion is more flexible.

Your parent should be your last resort for writing the letter, even if they were your primary teacher. First, approach a teacher or professors from a vocational or advanced program outside your homeschool setting. You can also ask a teacher or tutor who is not your parent to write your recommendation letter.

The college application process can be stressful, no matter if you went to public school or you were homeschooled. With these tips, you can stand out from all the other students and get a spot at the college of your dreams.

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