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How to Avoid Ironing and Still Make Clothes Look New

how-to-avoid-ironing-and-still-make-clothes-look-newWe all have a lot of chores to take care of, and for most of us, ironing is something we just can’t avoid, though we might wish to. Ironing is probably last on the list of chores and gets neglected, leading to weeks upon weeks without proper work attire, never wearing that dress you love, or giving up washing that shirt you really should. Luckily with a few tricks and tips, it is fully possible to make your clothes look great and avoid ironing at the same time. The ideas found below will make it possible for you to keep your clothes looking new, and you will never have to pick up an iron again. Use these to get yourself a better way to take care of clothes and get rid of one more chore on your list.

Flatten with a Damp Towel

One option to avoid ironing your clothing is to simply flatten the clothes with a damp towel. This is a very convenient option, as it takes almost no effort at all. To do this, all you need is your wrinkled clothing, a towel, and water.

Place your wrinkled clothing on a flat surface, even the floor will work in a pinch, and flatten it out as well as you can. Next, take a damp, but not soaking wet, towel, and place it over the clothing. Flatten the towel over the clothing, lift it off gently, and again, flatten the clothing as well as you can. Allow the clothing to dry, and it will be wrinkle-free! Make sure you pull the fabric taught as you go to make it as flat as possible.

Spray with a Mist

If you don’t have the space to spread out your clothing with the damp towel method, another way to avoid ironing requires very little space. In this case, however, you will not only need the clothing, but you will also need a spray bottle, water, and vinegar or fabric softener if you want to have some odor-reducing capabilities.

Suppose you have a few shirts that have gotten wrinkled. Take each one and place it on a hanger. Fill your spray bottle with water and a small amount of vinegar or fabric softener, and make sure the sprayer is set to “mist” instead of the stream. Start lightly misting the shirt while it’s on the hanger, and pull the fabric taut. Once the entire shirt is slightly damp, keep it on the hanger and allow it to air-dry to see the wrinkles disappear.

Take a Shower with Your Shirts

Another surefire way to keep your clothing looking like new without using an iron is to take it into the bathroom when you take a shower. Though this method takes a bit longer than others on this list, it is one of the most popular alternatives to ironing. To do this, seal all the bathroom windows and doors to prevent air leaking out, and then hang your wrinkled clothing on the shower rod or shower head. Before turning on the shower, make sure to adjust the shower head so that water doesn’t spray on the clothes, and then hop in, as you normally would. By the time you have completed your shower routine, the hot steam will have worked its magic and eradicated the wrinkles. This is a perfect solution for a busy college student who needs a way to multitask certain chores. Be sure when you hang your clothing up they won’t be wrinkled again and that they are pulled tight and flat against a surface.

Throw Your Clothes in the Dryer

If you have access to a washer and dryer, you have a very easy wrinkle releasing method at your disposal. Though it’s true that you could simply wash your clothing, you don’t have to use the washer at all. Instead, all you need is your clothing, a water bottle, and a dryer. Take your wrinkled clothing and spray it down with a spray bottle, making sure the fabric is slightly damp. Place the clothing in the dryer, turn it on, and allow it to run until the clothing is dry. The wrinkles will be gone when you take it out of the appliance, and it will be ready to wear. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can also wet a towel and put that in the dryer with the clothing; it will have the same effect.

Use a Flat Iron

If you are looking for a quick fix and you don’t have an iron on hand, you might have a flat iron, the small appliance used to straighten hair. In addition to making your hair straight, these common appliances also can be used to iron your clothes. To use one of these, heat it up, and then run the metal plates over the wrinkles in the clothes, just as you might flatten your hair. Since these plates are hot, however, you have to be careful, as they can burn both the skin and certain fabrics. If you are going to use a flat iron to remove wrinkles, try to test a small piece of fabric for heat readiness before using the flat iron on it.

Use Your Hair Dryer

If you have a flat iron in your home, the odds are good that you also have a hair dryer. If you do, you have yet another method for avoiding ironing and making your clothes look great. To use your hair dryer, simply hang the wrinkled clothing on a hanger, grab your hair dryer, point it at the clothing and turn it on. It is best to hold the hair dryer at least two inches from the fabric, and make sure you hold it or have someone else hold it, as it will blow away from the flow of air. It will only take a couple of minutes before you see the wrinkles disappearing before your eyes.

Buy a Wrinkle Releaser

You can also use a commercial wrinkle releaser if you don’t want to use an iron. These are chemical sprays that you apply directly to the fabric. After applying the spray, you must pull the fabric, which releases the wrinkles. They are available at most stores and aren’t very much which can be great for traveling professionals who need a quick fix to look their best no matter what the situation is.

Make Some Tea

Finally, you can use your tea kettle to release the wrinkles from your clothes. With the steam that is created from the kettle, you can straighten wrinkled and damaged clothing. Though you might want to have a cup of tea at the same time, make sure you aren’t putting steamed tea on the clothing, as it can stain light colored clothing. Only use water when steaming your clothing, and only use the steam from the kettle opening as you iron. You can use your hands or something heavy and flat like a textbook for pulling out wrinkles as you go using this method.

Buy Unwrinkled

In addition to buying anti-winkle sprays, you can simply buy clothing and fabric that won’t wrinkle in the first place. These options might be a little pricey, depending on where you go, but you can certainly find some fabric alternatives. Places like Trustpilot show reviews of undershirts like those from Underfit that are wrinkle free undershirts that look great under clothing and won’t bunch up or look bulky. If you do a little research you can find other clothing and fabric options that save you some time and money although they may be a bit of an upfront investment and little more time to shop for.

As you can see, there are several methods you can use when seeking out an alternative to ironing. From using a wet towel and mist to commercial wrinkle releasers or your own dryer, there are a number of ways you can avoid ironing and still make your clothes look new. Don’t get hung up on pulling out that clunky old ironing board and working with that hard to operate iron. With a few easy tricks, you can get straight and new looking fabrics for a lot less hassle and hard work. Use these ideas or find other ways to create quick steam or heat and press out those wrinkles in a flash.

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