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How to Boost Your Child’s Self-Confidence Without Breaking the Bank

how-to-boost-your-childEvery parent wants his or her child to feel confident. Luckily, helping your child feel confident is mostly free, by giving them love, support, and praise when she does something praise-worthy. However, there are other items that can be purchased that can bolster a child’s self-esteem, and without breaking the bank.

Skill-Building Activities

There is nothing that will build more self-confidence than when a child learns and masters a new skill. Since every child is different, what you purchase for them to build their skills will vary. One inexpensive skill building idea is to purchase a set of dominoes. Not only can you play the game with your child, but he can also try building towers or lengthy knock-over domino-effect games. Arts and crafts are always fun to build new skills, such as a paint set, a loom set, or making jewelry. There are so many low cost items to choose from to help build your child’s skills and make them proud of themselves.

Get Them Active

Whether an individual or group sport, get your child out of the house and actively doing something. Exercise produces serotonin, the feel-good chemical in the brain. According to the CNN article, “Why Serotonin (and Exercise) Make You Happy,” raised levels of serotonin reduce depression and stress and can give your body the ability to fight off stress. Therefore, any type of exercise would be beneficial for your youngster. However, sometimes putting your child on some type of soccer, baseball, or gymnastics team can be pricey. So, keep things cheap by purchasing your child a skateboard, tennis rackets, a basketball and hoop, roller skates, or any number of items that will get your child up off the couch. It may seem expensive now, but it can end up being a lot cheaper than joining a team.

Role Playing

Fantasy play can expand a child’s self-esteem too. This is an easy win-win for parents and children because children already love to play like they are super heroes, kings, princesses, and the like. You can even purchase them bulk wholesale capes or a play sword to help them really get into their part. Role playing can take on any form at all, from your child’s favorite cartoon or movie character, to his or her favorite book character. Furthermore, you could even have your little one invent his or her own super hero or protagonist with unique super powers to tackle everyday life problems.

Your child will flourish with all the free love and support that you give them. However, sometimes purchasing items to aid them in their self-esteem can give them fine motor skills, positive exercise habits, and extra problem solving abilities.

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