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How to Build a Basketball Court in Your Backyard

If your kids love basketball, but are sick of having to dodge traffic every time they go back for your Kobe-style fadeaway jumper, then chances are you’ve probably considered building your own court. Your backyard can be a great spot for this, but while the advantages of having your own custom basketball court can be numerous, the cost and labor to go into can be daunting as well.

It’s certainly no small task, but if you have the will and a little know-how, before long you could be knocking down J’s right ten feet away from your BBQ grill. Here’s a short guide on how to get build your court.

Decide What Size of Court You Want

Depending on space, you could build either a miniature half-court setup or a full-blown net-to-net arena. Regardless, you’ll need to decide on the exact dimensions before doing anything else, including the space beyond the hoop and the space for pier footing that holds the basket in place. If you have some kind of ramps that lead up to the court, you’ll want to include those as well. Don’t worry if you’re nervous about getting this exactly right on your own, there are several tools available online that will help you find dimensions.

Pour and Cut the Concrete

A local concrete company like Greene Concrete Cutting Inc is invaluable for actually pouring and leveling the concrete, but make sure you have the post and fencing (if you are putting up a fence) ready before the job starts. If you’re planning on pouring the concrete yourself, make sure you have the right tools; masonry blades are fine for cutting concrete, but can be time-consuming and inefficient. A much better choice is to pick up a dry or wet-cutting diamond blade for your saw instead.

Pick a Surface Material

The right surfacing for your court is about more than just looks; a good surface that has some give can save your joints and help absorb the shock of a fall. The most popular surface material for basketball courts is modular suspended tile surfacing. They are relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install over the top of a concrete foundation.

Decide on Accessories

You should decide on what type of goal post your children will need before you even pour the cement, but if you’re adding more accessories, such as lights, netting, gates, etc., those can come on at the end of this process. Better yet, involve your kids in the planning stages of this to make it a true family court!

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