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How to Camp in Style With Your Family

Are you thinking of going camping with your family? That’s a great idea. Family camping is an opportunity that comes once in a while, so you should make it as fun-filled as possible.

Whenever a discussion on family camping comes up, you’ll notice that everyone has a different opinion on how it’s supposed to be organized. However, specific primary considerations are necessary to make a family adventure a success.

Here are five tips that can help you camp in style with your family.

1. Plan well

Going out with a family is hectic, especially if you have kids. So, you need to plan early enough, so you miss nothing. The first step is to choose a camping site. Some sites don’t allow children. So, before you book any campsite, confirm whether the site will enable children. If not, you can look elsewhere.

Come up with a list of everything you’ll need at the camp, being careful not to miss anything. For example, you may need disposable nappies for the kids. You may also need nappy wrappers if the camp where you are going doesn’t allow disposal on site.

2. Keep your kids dry and warm

You will probably spend your nights in tents, so you better prepare for the cold. The tents don’t provide the heating and insulation components found in your house. So you may have to get some warm clothing and bedding.

If you would rather camp more glamourously and you have the ability financially there is always the option of renting an RV for the weekend. If this is in your plans then you won’t have to worry about heating, just having a good memory foam mattress for the RV to sleep on.

While at the camp, dress the children in layers, particularly when the temperatures are getting low. Ensure you cover their feet, heads, hands, and legs.

If you have to use sleeping bags, ensure they are not the ones with smooth, shiny linings, which get cold at night. Instead, use the ones with cotton lining and a thermal blanket inside.

3. Ensure everyone is happy

Find out what all of you can enjoy as a family. Camping is a time that you should use to bond as much as possible with your family. So, it would be better to delink yourself completely from the rest of the world and concentrate on your family. Keep off your books, phone, laptop, and the internet to avoid distractions.

Instead, carry some board games like Codenames, Monopoly, Telestrations, Exploding Kittens Game, or whichever games your family prefers. Choose games that can be played by two or more players to keep the whole family busy.

Cooking outside is also another activity you can enjoy as a family. So ensure you carry the necessary utensils and a stove. Pick recipes easy to prepare and ensure all members of the family take part in the cooking. If possible, you can take the camping time to teach your kids how to cook.

4. Avoid costly camping gear

Going camping with your family is an expensive affair. It gets more expensive if you have a big family. That’s why you need to keep your costs as low as possible to avoid any financial stress after you’ve enjoyed your camping.

You can camp in style with your family by renting or borrowing camping gear rather than buying them. If you have friends who can offer you some camping gear for free or at a small fee, the better. If not, you can look for some local suppliers who can lend you camping gear. Some have very affordable packages and can ship nationally.

5. Keep the kids under control

Kids can spoil your camping if you don’t keep an eye on them. Some children may run off to explore the campsite without your knowledge. In the process, they can get injured or get lost. Let the children know that you wouldn’t allow them to move away from around the tents without your permission.

Hiking is a significant part of family camping, but you need to go as a team to help one another in case of a problem.

Final Words

Camping is not just about your children. You also need time as adults to enjoy the trip. However, that doesn’t mean you can neglect the children and enjoy yourselves. As adults, you can take turns caring for the children for some of you to have free time for themselves. Also, don’t forget to carry any medications your family member may need during the trip.

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