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How to Celebrate a New Baby in the Family During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought about some sudden and unavoidable changes in many of our lives. The pandemic has also come at a time when many people are celebrating important events in their lives, such as welcoming a new baby to the family. While your celebration plans will have to be adjusted due to health and safety precautions, there are still some fun and memorable ways you can still make the most of this exciting event.

Have a Zoom Party

Having a baby without the joy of sharing the experience with your family and friends can be daunting. However, you can arrange a Zoom party so all the people you love can be introduced to the new baby safely. Include a comment section in your virtual party so your loved ones can send you heartfelt messages to congratulate you or send “love notes” to the baby that you can save for him/her to read later. If your relatives and friends want to provide gifts for you and the baby, they can send links to gift cards or send their gifts through the mail before the Zoom party so you can show the rest of your guests the wonderful presents you have received.

Keep a Video Diary

This is a strange and uncertain time for all of us, and you may be experiencing a range of emotions as you prepare for a new baby or welcome your little bundle of joy into your household. Keep a video diary to stay in touch with your feelings and document your family’s emotions during this interesting time. Of course, you can also arrange to film the labor and delivery and your newborn’s first day at home. You can also encourage your loved ones who live far away to send in a video welcoming the new baby and create a compilation you and your guests can view during your Zoom party.

Welcome Guests — with Caution

If you have spent limited time with certain friends or family members who don’t live in your home during the pandemic and they’ve tested negative for coronavirus, you can consider allowing them to visit your home to meet your newborn. This could be a realistic solution if your parents or best friends live in the same city. However, it is best to only welcome two or three individuals at a time. You will likely have a “sanitation station” in your home so that relatives and loved ones can hold the baby. Include hand sanitizer, masks, and immune-boosting supplements to keep your family safe while you share this meaningful occasion with the people who mean so much to you.

Hire a Photographer

Many professional photography studios in your area may be closed due to the pandemic. However, you can still take memorable family photos to add to your newborn’s scrapbook until they open back up. Find a photographer who can take pictures while practicing social distancing and share your vision for the photoshoot. It is also best to choose photographers who have experience taking pictures of newborns and will follow health guidelines when they open. Professionals for newborn photography in Houston suggest focusing on yourself during this time by taking “a relaxing bath, a good book, or your favorite hobby.” If you are still uncomfortable going to a studio when it opens up, you can arrange for the photographer to take photos outside of your home (i.e. on the porch, in the yard). You can even include some pictures of your older children by themselves to make sure they feel included.

Decorate Your Home

Even though your celebration has to be small in terms of in-person guests, you can still have a small party with decorations to commemorate this special occasion in your family. Decorate the house with banners of the baby’s name or bows and posters in the colors of the baby’s nursery. You can even play some of the family’s favorite songs and prepare a cake or cupcakes for your immediate family to enjoy. Take pictures of the decorations so you can add the photos to your family scrapbook and video-call your family and friends so they can see your decor and see your new bundle of joy.

Expanding your family during the pandemic definitely has its challenges. But you can still make sure the occasion is one to remember by working with your family to make the arrival of your newborn fun and exciting.

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