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How to Create a Classy Table Setting at Your Next Family Event

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Your summer dinner party table will be a lot easier to manage if you can use pretty dishes that are disposable. Rather than worrying about cleaning up, you can enjoy your time with your guests. Instead of paper plates and clear plastic cutlery, spice things up with some pretty disposable plates.

Disposable Style

You may want to dine al fresco if the weather cooperates. Your outdoor dining area can still include some elegant touches. For example, one of the elegant features of fine dining is a table cloth. There are a wide variety of disposable table cloths available in discount stores. You can even add another disposable table cloth as a runner down the center of the table.

Spacing Matters

Your table will look more elegant if every setting has plenty of room. Define each setting with carefully laid out fancy plastic cutlery, a pretty napkin, carefully folded, and a plate. Treat yourself to pretty disposable plates and start the evening with the plate upside down to avoid the risk of outside pests spending time on your place setting. If you have a screen house or screened-in porch, set up your dining table there.

Keep Things Elegant

While you may not have access to disposable chargers, the addition of a dessert plate can really make your table sparkle. For example, if you’re celebrating a birthday, having a plate for cake for each guest can make it easy to keep on celebrating.


Take care when choosing your beverage cups. For example, there are plastic wine cups that can be very serviceable when poolside or dining outside, but they’re not disposable. If you buy disposable glasses with stems, make sure the base of the glass is secure and won’t come off when lifted. Don’t take real glass beverage containers to the patio. Should something get dropped on your patio or deck, it will likely break and become a hazard.

Wind-Proof Your Table

Dining outside can become problematic if the wind comes up. Rather than just folding napkins and placing them under your plastic cutler, consider wrapping your cutlery in a large napkin and tying the bundle with a pretty ribbon or piece of raffia. For this same reason, if you have plastic wine and water glasses on the table, place them upside down until they’re in use.

Serving Tents

Once the table is set and you’re ready to set out the food, consider using individual serving tents for the dishes. These mesh tents can sit over pretty dishes, like fruit salads or a dessert, and keep pests away while your guests enjoy dining together. If you’re setting out anything that contains eggs or mayonnaise and needs to be kept cool, settle the serving dish in a large plastic bowl lined with ice. White or sparkling wine should also be set up in iced serving containers.

Consider a Buffet

Whether you’re eating inside or outdoors, a buffet can be a great way to get folks to mingle. Set your buffet along one wall of your dining space to leave plenty of room for seating. Go to the trouble to separate the disposable plates and place a napkin on top of each plate; this will save delays at the front of the line. Use stout coffee mugs to hold the plastic utensils so people can take what they need without worrying about flipping the utensils over.

Set beverage cups and liquids at the far end of the table. If possible, station someone there to pour. If you can’t spare someone, make sure there’s a spot at the end of the table to set down a plate, pour a drink and pick everything back up.


Set your trash cans off to the side of the dining space if you’re eating outside. If your dining area is indoors, make sure you invest in trash bags that offer some stretch. You don’t want to be handling trash bags that have been poked through by plastic utensils. When a trash bin gets full, empty it immediately and tie up or clear away the trash bag.


You can set a beautiful table with disposable dishes. Not only can you then enjoy a worry-free party, but your guests don’t have to worry about leaving you with the clean-up. Treat yourself to hearty, pretty disposable plates, glasses, and flatware for a beautiful, easy to manage event.

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