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How to Create Unforgettable Experiences with Your Children

From the time you find out that you’re expecting a child, the mind starts to wonder what the child will be like, what their experiences will be and how they’ll progress in the world. There are so many moving parts involved in creating a functional and happy family life. One of those components involves creating unforgettable experiences with the children. You don’t want to look up one day and realize you haven’t spent quality time with them to enjoy life. Schedule in a few of these ideas throughout each year and cherish the memories.

1. Cultural Enrichment

Whether it’s once a quarter or once every month, it’s a good idea to expose your children to the arts and culture. Visit one of the local museums. If you don’t have a museum that’s local, pack up the kids in the car and make it a day trip into another state or distant city. Many major cities hold cultural fairs where they sell food, art, clothing and other goods from various countries. There’s usually some entertainment like dancing and music to groove to. Try to go to these types of events on a regular basis to give your children a respect and appreciation for other cultures.

2. Vacations

Save up your money and do your best to take the family on a great vacation once a year. If once a year isn’t feasible, try to go every other year. Sit down and talk with the family about the countries they’d like to visit in the world—or even just other cities and states. As the family agrees on one location, start to familiarize yourself and the rest of the family on that area. For example, if your family decides to visit Paris, start finding children’s books about Paris. Try to teach them a few words for their Parisian excursion. If the thought of a vacation once a year seems too expensive, don’t be afraid to scour the internet for deals. Work with a travel agency to see what’s out there. In most cases, people assume that traveling the globe will be incredibly expensive. However, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

3. Extra-curricular Activities

It’s good for your children to get involved and try different extra-curricular activities. Encourage your little ones to get involved in activities such as the band, chorus, chess club and student government. For their physical health, it’s also great for your children to get involved in activities like swimming classes, soccer clubs and basketball teams. When your children get into the habit of physical exercise, it won’t be difficult to keep up as they get older.

4. Family Pastimes

Your family should instill certain traditions that the children look forward to. In celebration of the end of another week, order a pizza and make Fridays pizza day. You can watch a movie and enjoy a little relaxation after a crazy week. Another option involves going out to get ice cream in the middle of the week. When report cards come out, have a celebratory family date night. Pick one Sunday a month to do a fun pastime like rollerblading or go-kart riding with your entire family. You should always pick something interactive that allows everyone to have fun. Spend time with the family often so that everyone can feel loved and connected.

These four ideas are perfect for a parent who’s looking to enrich their child’s experiences. Use your mobile device and the internet to stay connected to the deals that are out there. There’s so much available and the world is so much bigger than coming home to do homework and watch TV. As long as you’re intentional about these four ideas, you’ll get to a place where your children can look back and admit that they had the best childhood ever.

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