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How to Ensure That Your Family’s Food Is Safe from Pests

A pest problem may not only cause home damages, it could also be detrimental to your food supply. Many critters have clever ways of raiding food supplies and penetrating through certain types of packaging. Following these tips will help ensure that your family’s food is safe from pests.

Buy Canned Foods

At least until your pest problem has been completely resolved, you should buy canned foods that are nearly impossible for critters to open. These cans are sealed tightly so that insects and other bugs can’t access them. You can put some of your food items in canning jars yourself, and you’ll want to make sure the lids are sealed as tight as possible.

Clean up Food Storage Areas

Any crumbs or food pieces that are left out in food storage areas can attract different animals that might try to raid your food supply. Even small traces of food scraps can emit enough smells that attract pests. Sweeping floors, wiping down countertops and cleaning any food scraps off your shelves can help keep your food supply safe.

Hire Pest Control Specialists

If you’re not able to get rid of your pests on your own, hiring professional pest control experts can keep both your home and food stash safe. These specialists will be able to inspect your entire home and treat the areas where pests are gathering. Many leading pest control companies such as Fowler Pest Control use bait technology to lure and exterminate pests.

Keep Your Trash Tidy

Old food that’s discarded in a bag or waste bin can draw pests that may wreak havoc on your food supply if your trash isn’t tidy. It’s best to toss unwanted food items into a sealed trash can with a locking lid that isn’t overflowing. Your trash should be taken out frequently so that the smell of your garbage doesn’t entice pests to seek out your food supply.

Store Food in Ideal Areas

Food that’s stored on or near the ground will make it easier for pesky critters to access it. advises storing food items at least six inches above the floor and away from walls. If you need to store certain foods on the floor due to lack of space, make sure they are sealed tightly in containers that don’t emit aromas that might lure pests.

Your food is meant for you and your family, and you shouldn’t have to worry about pests helping themselves to your stash. By taking active steps to protect your food supply, you’ll be able to stop pests in their tracks.

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