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How to Fit Cremation Into a Traditional Funeral for a Traditional Family

Cremation may be a common choice, but it’s not always one that is accepted by traditional families. Though the departed’s last wishes might be for cremation, it can be hard to get a family to truly accept what he or she wanted. If you’re looking to fit cremation into a traditional funeral, you may want to take a look at the tips below.

Start with Counseling

Grief counseling is always helpful when a loved one passes away. Talking about cremation in these counseling sessions can be helpful, as it can help the family get to the root of why they have such a problem with the process. Talking about it in a frank but supportive way is one of the best ways to help a family come to terms with the passing of their loved one while still helping to fulfill the departed’s last wishes.

Work with Funeral Home that Handles Both

Working with a funeral home that handled both traditional burials and cremations can add a touchstone of familiarity for family members. This will help them to both feel more comfortable with the idea of cremation and to feel a bit like they understand more of how the process will be handled. Having access to funerary professionals who have undertaken the process and worked with families in the past is always a good way to get families on board.

Allow a Viewing

Having a traditional viewing can likewise help family members who are coming to terms with the idea of cremation. For many, it’s the idea that they won’t get a look at their loved one’s body one last time that makes cremation so difficult. By allowing the family this moment to say their goodbyes, it can become easier for many traditionally-minded individuals to let go and allow the deceased’s wishes to be carried out.

A Traditional Burial

Finally, ending the process with a traditional burial can be helpful. Many families want a final resting place that they can visit, and this compromise helps to ensure that everyone’s wishes are carried out. Burying an urn gives the family the type of closure they need without necessarily having to deviate from the deceased’s wishes.

Fitting a cremation into a traditional funeral takes a bit of work, but it can be done. Working with the right people and following the right traditions can do a lot to help a family feel more comfortable. Taking a bit of time to work with the family to understand the underlying issues is often the best way to move forward.

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