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How to Get Your Child Swimming by the End of Summer

As the summer months are around the corner, your child will be home nearly every day for summer vacation soon. During this time, you get to spend more time together. It’s also a time for your child to enjoy the beauty of summer camps, sleepovers and long days at the swimming pool. If your child isn’t an experienced swimmer, though, make sure that it happens this summer. In order for your child to get familiar with the swimming pool, consider these four tips.

Get the Proper Gear

Before your child jumps into the pool, make sure they have the proper gear. A comfortable bathing suit or swim trunks are essential. It’s also a good idea to purchase swim shoes, goggles and a towel. In most cases, your child will be swimming in an outdoor pool. In this case, make sure to purchase water-proof sunscreen protection.

Make Sure Your Child Feels Safe

If your child is nervous about jumping in the pool at first, make sure they have the proper swim safety tools such as a life vest or a similar floatation device. They can use it as their safety net until they feel comfortable. Understand that it’s crucial for your child to be under the right supervision while they are swimming. Either you, a lifeguard, or a trusted person who can swim well should always be on scene.

Take Vacations Involving the Water

Try to plan vacations that involve water. Whether you visit a water park in another state or a beach resort in the tropical islands, make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy the water as a family. When your child sees mommy and daddy getting in the water, they’ll feel more comfortable following your lead.

Take Advantage of Community Offerings

If you’re looking for a place that offers swim classes for children, take a look at your community center first. Most community centers with pools offer swim classes. Make sure that you sign up in the springtime because spots tend to fill quickly in neighborhoods with a lot of children. Make sure your child understands, though, that they should never jump into the water unless a lifeguard is on duty. If they do and they can’t swim, then they might experience a swimming accident—which could end up requiring emergency response measures and, possibly, calling a personal injury lawyer to handle the legal aspects of the situation.

If you seize the opportunity for your child to take classes and remain a supportive parent, your child will be swimming like a fish in no time. You might be surprised. Your child might get into the pool and realize that they’re a total natural.

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