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How To Get Your Kids More Involved In The Community And Do More Service

Getting kids involved in the community from a young age is a great way for parents to develop and grow their children into responsible, civic-minded adults. Kids get to learn the value of hard work and contributing something to the community and society, and they also get the chance to meet new people and have some great experiences. Here are some ways to get your kids more involved in the community.

Pick Causes or Organizations

Instead of simply taking part in service activities just for the sake of doing something, it’s important to pick a cause or an organization that you and your kids are both passionate about. This will really boost the motivation of your children to want to become more involved. For example, if your children love animals, it’s a great idea to have them try volunteering or getting involved with the local humane society. There’s a lot of possible options, but if the kids like what they’re doing, they’ll want to get more involved.

Meet People

It can be frightening for kids, and even adults, to join new organizations or participate in activities where they don’t know anyone. A lot of children are especially reluctant to this, but having someone they already know at an event or a meeting can help get them out of their shell a little bit. It’s important for kids to meet other friends within the organizations they become a part of, as friends can motivate and inspire them to become even more active over time.

Plan or Attend a Retreat

After your children are comfortable with the group of people they regularly interact with during community service activities, it can be a good idea to hold or attend a retreat. For more information, the 4H Center provides plenty of good points on how to plan a retreat. A good experience at a long retreat weekend can really motivate kids to do even more within their communities and the organizations they’re a part of. These experiences can build strength and confidence that serve children well as they become young adults.

Get Your Kids’ Friends Involved

Even the most exciting and well planned community service opportunities can be a drag to kids sometimes. Getting their friends involved is great way to keep them excited. When they have someone else to talk to about the projects and plan with, it can make for a much more rewarding experience for kids.

Getting involved in the community is a great way for your children to meet new people, have new experiences, learn the value of giving back, and to grow and mature themselves. By following these few points of advice, your kids will be sure to enjoy what they’re doing in the community and want to get even more involved.

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