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How To Give The Impression Of Health And Hygiene

We all want to look as good as we possibly can, and for the most part that means ensuring that we’re in good shape, that our hair looks good and that we maintain our skin. Unfortunately natural ‘good looks’ is something that not all of us are blessed with, but we can all play the hand we’re dealt in order to ensure that we’re as attractive as possible. Once you find the best way to work with your look, you’ll find you can always feel more attractive and desirable.

But perhaps even more important than looking attractive is just looking healthy and hygienic. We might not all be able to look like Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie, but we should at least aim to look clean. And there’s actually nothing more off-putting than someone who doesn’t look clean, so it’s crucial that you don’t let this slip if you want to get on well with others and be successful in your relationships and your career.

What’s important to remember too, is that looking clean and hygienic is not always the same as actually being those things. There are many ways that you can end up looking unhygienic and unclean even when that’s not actually the case. Here then we will focus on the basic things you need to accomplish if want to be seen as someone who looks after themselves. The downside? You might lose that empty space with no one around it on the commute into work…


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One of the most important areas to concentrate on if you want to appear healthy and hygienic is your teeth. While stained teeth aren’t generally a sign of bad hygiene (it can just be bad luck, or a result of smoking), they unfortunately do create that impression and can make someone appear much less appealing. Ever noticed how all the witches and villains in films always have crooked and yellow teeth?

Simple tooth whitening toothpaste can often help you to combat this problem and get back your dazzling gnashers, but another option is to use cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers which can help to make your teeth shiny and white in a single session. These work by attaching onto the fronts of your teeth, thereby covering up the teeth underneath and showing a new façade of white ceramic. This way you can also create the impression of straighter teeth.


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How you maintain and wear your hair can have a hugely transformative effect on your entire appearance – and if your hair looks greasy and poorly maintained then this is something you certainly need to address. Greasy hair is one of the biggest problems of all, and particularly when it’s longer. If you find it often looks bad then try switching to a shorter cut, or alternatively just carry some dry shampoo which works to absorb the grease and give your hair back its sheen.


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Healthy skin is something that can make you instantly more attractive, but conversely flaking psoriasis or angry-looking acne can have the reverse effect. Acne in particular is especially bad as unconsciously we can associate it with pocks or other conditions. Make sure that you have a good skin routine that you can use every morning and make sure you get lots of sun too if you want to give yourself an extra-healthy bronze hue.


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While you might not actually be ill, if you constantly look washed out and sickly then you’re not going to find it’s a particularly attractive look. More to the point, people will unconsciously worry that you might be contagious and will as such try to keep their distance from you.

What’s also very important then is that you maintain your general health, which means improving your physique, but also adapting your lifestyle to make sure that you aren’t gradually falling apart. One very important example is making sure that you get enough sleep so that your body has a chance to heal and so that your skin doesn’t start to look pale and worn. Getting enough vitamins and minerals can also do a lot of good for your hair, your teeth and your nails, so make sure you’re eating a healthy diet. Going to the gym regularly will help to transform your body into an energy efficient machine and make you look firmer and leaner at the same time.

Today’s feature writer, Lisa Taylor, is a sincere and energetic employee at Cosmetic Dentistry Perth, which offers denture solutions. She is very health conscious and she regularly mediates for her peace of mind.

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