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How to Handle the Aftermath of a Loved One Being in a Major Auto Accident

After a major automobile accident, a lot of decisions need to be made, and in many cases an injured loved one cannot make these decisions due his or her temporary or permanent disabilities sustained in the accident. Often, these decisions are made by the injured person’s family or loved ones. If you are caring for someone that has been involved in a major automobile accident, here are three tips to follow to effectively handle the aftermath.

Speak to an Attorney

Schedule a consultation with an attorney to determine if legal action is necessary. If so, the attorney will take immediate steps to gather and preserve evidence that supports your loved one’s claim. Therefore, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney very soon after the accident. Lawsuits involving private individuals can be overwhelming if your representing yourself, and your case can be further complicated if the accident involves a truck or semi, were the injuries sustained are usually more severe. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 1 and 10 highway deaths involve a large truck. In cases involving trucks, be sure to speak with a truck accident lawyer.

Obtain Necessary Medical Treatment

Your loved one should receive all necessary medical treatment, and should keep medical receipts, reports, and correspondence in one central location, such as a binder or folder.

If your loved one requires medical treatment or chiropractic therapy, an experienced attorney will have a list of medical professionals he or she routinely uses who can immediate treat your loved one, and that can testify at trial, if that becomes necessary. Make sure your loved one attends all scheduled medical appointments, and keep a running log of the mileage spent traveling to, and from all medical appointments.

Apply for Eligible Income Benefits

Lastly, your loved one may be unable to work or earn regular income as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident. Therefore, it is important that you or your loved one apply for alternate sources of income he or she may be eligible to receive, such as social security, workers compensation, or individual insurance providers, to supplement any loss of regular income.

Any time a loved one is injured in an automobile accident it is very stressful on the family, particularly due to all of the legal ramifications involved. Following these steps will provide guidance at a difficult time.

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