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How to Help a Child Struggling in a Particular Subject at School

If your child seems to be having a particular problem with a subject at school, there are many things that you can do to help. While it is never a good idea to do your child’s work for them, they count on you to be supportive. Here are some tips you may want to follow.

Schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference

Scheduling a meeting with your child’s teacher is a great way to start. In many cases, the teacher will have specific tips on how you can help your student raise his or her grade. Be open during the meeting so that the teacher does not feel offended. Agree that you will do what he or she suggests and ask if you can meet again soon.


Arrange Supervised Study with a Friend

If your child has a friend who is getting high marks in the class, then see if you can arrange for the two students to study together. You will want to supervise the study so that work gets accomplished, and it does not become a gab session. Then, reward both students when the study session is done.

Get the Child Help

It can be really hard to teach your own child when they are having problems with a particular subject. Therefore, look among your friends to see if you have friends that would help him or her conquer the subject matter in exchange for you doing something for them. You may also want to contact a college in your area to see if there are students who might want a tutoring job. You may also want to find a paid tutor in your community.


Plan a Field Trip

Sometimes a student needs to see that the work that they are struggling with is applicable to real life. Therefore, it may be time to go on a field trip. For example, if the student is struggling with science, then head to the local science museum or if the problem is reading, consider going to the local library. Additionally, make sure that the child sees you engaging with the subject area that he or she is struggling with currently.

Show Interest

Sometimes all it takes is for you to show interest for a student to turn their grade around. Ask them about the subject in ways that require more than a yes or no answer. Make sure that your student has a quiet place to study that is free from distractions. Additionally, make sure that your child is getting enough sleep.


Using these specific tips may be enough to help your student get through a tough subject matter. Be careful, however, that you do not equate your child’s self-esteem and their ability to conquer it. Making your child feel bad about themselves only hinders the learning process.

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