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How to Help a Loved One Suffering from a Disability

It’s not easy to live with a disability. It’s also not always easy for a disabled person’s loved ones. A family member struggling with a disability can certainly be heart breaking for his or her family members. However, there are things you can do that can help. Below are some strategies you can use to help a loved one suffering from a disability.

Help Them Apply for SSDI

One of the programs designed to provide assistance for disabled Americans is Social Security Disability Insurance also often referred to as SSDI for short. This is a federal program ran by the Social Security Administration. If you want to help your family member deal with their disability, helping them apply for SSDI coverage is certainly a good idea. If accepted, SSDI will pay out a monthly benefit.

Determining SSDI Eligibility

SSDI is available to individuals that are proven to be medically disabled or blind and have enough work credits with the SSA to qualify. A person must be younger than 65 and have worked for five years within the past decade. If your family member was working before his or her disability, this is probably the program you want to apply for.

Help Them Apply for SSI

There is also another federal program for the disabled your family member may be able to apply for. It is Supplemental Security Income or SSI for short. Unlike SSD, SSI is not based on a person’s previous work history and payroll contributions into Social Security. Instead, it pays a cash benefit to enrollee’s based on their needs.

Determining SSI Eligibility

SSI is for the needy. It is designed to assist the blind, elderly and disabled that do not have enough money to pay for basic expenses like food, shelter and clothing. It is available to disabled adults and children that are below the federal poverty level. It is also available to individuals over the age of 65. If a person is below a certain income threshold, they can receive income from SSI based on their income level, assets and where they live in the country.

 Get Them an SSD Lawyer

Unfortunately, quite often, the first application for either SSDI or SSI is denied. However, you shouldn’t give up. Get in to contact with Salt Lake Social Security Disability lawyers to help with the process. It is quite possible you could win benefits on appeal. Even better is to work with an attorney right from the start for the best outcome.

Thankfully, the federal government has instituted programs designed to help make the lives of the disabled easier. If you have a family member who suffers from a disability, certainly investigate the possibility of getting him or her disability benefits.

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