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How To Help Kids Maintain Good Oral Health Without The Extra Hassle

One of the biggest hassles as parents is getting your children to take care of their teeth. Adults understand the importance of oral health, but kids just see it as another chore. Here are a few helpful tips to get your children to maintain good oral health habits.

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Make It Fun

One thing all kids understand is fun. Let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. It might be a good idea to have multiple flavors so that they can choose which one to use each time. You could also play their favorite song while brushing their teeth. Anything that will make the process more entertaining will get them to want to brush.

Start Early

Starting your kids early will get them used to practicing good oral health. Wiping a baby’s gums with a wash cloth and brushing as soon as teeth emerge will get them used to the idea at an early age.

See The Dentist Regularly

Children should see the dentist by their first birthday to ensure that oral health is on the right track, suggest the professionals at Midtown Dental Centre. They should be seen every six months after that for cleanings and check ups. It is very important to see dentist regularly as a child so that they are comfortable with the process and do not fear each appointment. Also, the dentist can make oral hygiene fun and encourage children to maintain their teeth.

Use incentives

Kids often respond to rewards. Try setting up a sticker chart. Each day that they properly brush their teeth, they get a sticker on their chart. A set amount of stickers could add up to a new toy, a favorite dessert, or some extra television time.

Set A Good Example

Children learn most of their habits through example. If they see you properly brushing, flossing, and regularly seeing your dentist, they will be more likely to cooperate.


The negative effects of poor oral hygiene can be scary. While trying not to scare your children into taking care of their teeth, educating them about the effects of poor oral health can help them understand why it is so important to care for their teeth.

It can be a major hassle to get children to do what is good for them. When it comes to oral health, it is very important to make sure children establish a proper routine. Using these few tips can ensure that kids maintain proper oral health.

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