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How to Help Your Child Not Stress About Moving

Moving can be an exciting time or a stressful time for parents and kids. There are several ways to lessen your child’s anxiety over an upcoming move. You may have to adjust some general stress-reducing ideas so that they’re compatible with the age of your children.

Get the Kids Involved

The final decision regarding the home or apartment you move to will ultimately be up to you. However, you can let the kids be involved by letting them go with you when you look at possible new homes or by letting them be present as you search the internet for your next home. If they get excited about the size of their new room or about decorating their next bedroom, that can make them less apprehensive about moving.

Create a Memory Board

As part of the closure process, take your child around town and photograph some of their favorite places or people. Help them create a memory board using these photos. Having a tangible piece of their past to display in their new home can help them retain a feeling of connectedness.

Use Professional Movers

Children pick up on the emotions of their parents. If you begin feeling frustrated and stressed about moving, they’re going to see that. One way to eliminate a large portion of moving related stress is to utilize the services of a professional moving company. When you use services, such as those provided by Wheaton World Wide Moving, you won’t have to spend time searching for moving supplies and boxes that will accommodate your belongings. Once you get a collection of various size boxes, let your child pack up the unbreakable items in their room. The physical act of packing can make the upcoming move more of a reality.

Explore the New Location

If possible, take your child to visit the new town that you’re moving to. Point out fun places, restaurants, stores and other features that are the same as those in the town you’re leaving. If you know people in the new area who have kids in an age range close to your kids, arrange a meet and greet so that your kids will have a familiar face to connect with after the move.

Keeping a positive attitude about an upcoming move will help your children feel more comfortable about moving. You can help ease their stress by letting them be as involved as possible in the moving process.

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