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How to Help Your Child with Vision Impairments

When children are young, it is not always easy to know if they have vision problems. Because they often get absorbed playing in their own make-believe world and seem to miss seeing things that we do, we might not grasp the fact that they cannot see as well as they should. Squinting kids are not uncommon either, especially outdoors. But if you discover that your child has a vision issue, there are things you can do to help the little one adjust.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Schedule an exam with an eye doctor for your child if you think there may be vision problems. If your child is prescribed corrective lenses, supervise him or her wearing the glasses to ensure the child gets comfortable with them. At first, it may be difficult for a son or daughter to stop taking off the glasses or they may keep falling back into prior vision habits. But with gentle guidance, kids will soon adapt to their new vision style. If difficulties persist, ask the doctor’s office for advice.

Enjoy Entertainment Options Featuring Kids with Vision Impairment

Get your child books or movies that feature kids with vision impairment in natural ways. Avoid images that appear to make fun of kids with glasses. Introduce the family to people and places where vision impairment is represented as normal and acceptable, including themed plays, concerts, and social events.

Help Your Child Develop an Eye Care Routine

Children need to be taught how to care for their eyeglasses or contact lenses. Show them the proper cleaning and maintenance of their vision devices and provide the products needed. Organize a place on the bathroom vanity or another clean area for keeping the vision device and cleaning products during sleeping hours. Check to be sure the eyeglasses or contact lenses are being properly cared for.

Follow Through with Treatments

When children are prescribed or referred for special services, like eye surgery or eyepatch therapy, it is important for parents to follow through. Although some treatments may seem drastic while other appear unnecessary, the eye doctor has good reasons for recommending those procedures. If you have questions, ask or request a second opinion. Your child’s vision is too valuable to risk making a careless mistake.

As with many kinds of medical treatments or procedures, kids are often resistant to following directions and may shrug off the responsibility of personal vision care. Help them to understand the importance of caring for their eyes while young, so they can enjoy the benefits of strong vision for the rest of their lives.

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